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3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your CarAs the weather gets warmer, you might look up from your wintery daze and realize everything is a mess. That’s why spring cleaning was invented, right? But spring cleaning doesn’t just have to apply to your home. Your car is an extension of your home and deserves a spring clean of its own. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to get your car ready for spring and summer.

Get the fluids changed.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about how your car looks, it’s about how it runs. After trudging through snow, rain, and sleet all winter, your car deserves a little spa. Have the oil changed, tire pressure checked, and the fluids topped up. And make sure to check the air filters. With all the pollen flying around during the spring, you’ll want to be sure the filters are at their best.

Have it detailed.

Detailing a car can be a bit expensive, but splurging once or twice a year is worth it. After a long winter, your car is probably covered in salt underneath, and the interior likely needs a little TLC as well. A thorough cleaning and wax job will have the exterior gleaming and will make it easier to keep clean throughout the coming months. Vacuuming and shampooing the upholstery, as well as polishing the leather on the interior, will make the inside enjoyable for the whole family.

Invest in some containers.

Once the outside of your car is clean and it’s running at its best, you’ll need to organize the inside. Get some bins, boxes, or baskets to organize items in your car and the trunk. Inside the car, the containers can go under the seats. Store your kids’ sports gear, DVDs, travel toys, etc. in them to keep them organized and in a convenient place. This is a good opportunity to clean out the glove department and console, too.

Have you spring cleaned your car yet? What was the toughest part?