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6 Messy Car Cleanup Tips for Busy Moms

Do you spend a lot of time in your car driving your kids to school and practice? Then chances are your car is a warzone. It’s okay. Many parents are driving cars that are cluttered with everything from toys to empty water bottles. If you’re tired of driving around in a messy car, try some of these tips for a clutter-free driving experience.

If your car looks you've been living in it, use these messy car cleanup tips to get it ship-shape in no time.


Messy Car? Clean It Up with These Tips!

Clean Out Your Messy Car

First things first. Remove literally everything you can from your car and clean it from top to bottom. If you don’t want to clean it, that’s fine. Find a good car wash that will give the interior the attention it deserves. Either way, you want to start fresh with nothing inside and the interior cleaned. Once you see it clean and clutter-free, you’ll want to keep it this way.

Designate Areas for Storing Things

You want to be logical about where you store things. Things need to be in easy reach or easy to find. For example, you want your glove compartment to hold your registration and proof of insurance so that it’s easy to grab. You also want an area where you can store all your safety gear, such as a flashlight, small tool kit, jumper cables, etc. Think about what you REALLY need in your car and the best place to put it.

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Hang Organizers on the Back of the Car Seats

If your kids need things in the car, use back of the seat organizers. Whenever your kids get out of the car, have them place everything back in the organizer so you don’t have to deal with a messy car again.

Add an Organizer to Your Trunk

A trunk organizer is great for all the essentials you want to carry in case of an emergency. These organizers can also be used to hold your groceries, so they don’t roll all over the trunk. You can usually purchase them rather inexpensively at big box stores.

Put a Trash Can in Your Car

A trash can is a must. You can find small trash cans at your local Dollar Tree. Add a small trash bag, or plastic shopping bag, and empty as needed. This will prevent trash from ending up all over your car.

Place Silicone Cupcake Liners in Cupholders

Instead of letting dust and sticky goo pile up in your cupholders, insert silicone cupcake liners. These will catch the dirt and can be washed out easily. Best of all, if your kids slosh their drink, the liner should catch most of it. This means fewer sticky messes to clean up. This may not be necessary, however, if you have removable cupholders. In that case, just remove them, wash them, and put them back.

Don’t get down about your messy car. If you use your car a lot, it’s bound to become cluttered. The good news is there are ways to tackle the clutter and keep it under control. Soon, your car will be the clean, clutter-free space you knew and loved before the kids wrecked it.

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