Road Trip Hacks for Traveling with Kids

17 Hacks for Long Road Trips with Kids

Traveling with kids can be such a rewarding experience. Getting to share your favorite spots with them, seeing the look of wonderment on their faces, and making unique memories that will last a lifetime make it all worthwhile. But it can be easy to forget about all of those joys when you’re six hours into what probably feels like the longest drive of your life. We’ve all been there. To help you keep your sanity, here’s a list of 17 Road Trip Hacks that will make your drive a lot more enjoyable.

17 Hacks for Road Trips with Kids

19 Watermelon Hacks and Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

My favorite summertime food is watermelon. Not only is it juicy and refreshing, but it’s just plain fun. Looking for new ways to serve it? We’ve found 19 watermelon hacks and recipes that are going to blow your mind. Seriously… just check out these creative ideas!

19 Mind-blowing Watermelon Hacks and Recipes

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