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19 Watermelon Hacks and Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

My favorite summertime food is watermelon. Not only is it juicy and refreshing, but it’s just plain fun. Looking for new ways to serve it? We’ve found 19 watermelon hacks and recipes that are going to blow your mind. Seriously… just check out these creative ideas!

19 Mind-blowing Watermelon Hacks and Recipes

Turn a watermelon into a keg for your next party. Fill it with Ginger Ale if you need a more kid-friendly drink.

watermelon hacks 1


Use some watermelon juice to make delicious watermelon gummies for the kids. (Or for yourself… we won’t judge.)

watermelon hacks 19


Pair watermelon and cucumbers to make some delicious popsicles adults and kids will love.

watermelon hacks 17


Or how about some watermelon jello shots for a crowd?

watermelon hacks 10


After scooping out your melons, use the watermelon hull as a pretty bowl for serving your fruit.

watermelon hacks 2


Teach your kids that fruit should be their primary dessert! Top watermelon cupcakes with yogurt or a light homemade frosting for an extra special treat.

watermelon hacks 18


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found those huge watermelon wedges kind of hard to eat. Watermelon sticks, however, are pure genius. I’ll cut mine this way from now on!

watermelon hacks 3


Make some watermelon syrup to pour over vanilla ice cream or pancakes.

watermelon hacks 14


Watermelon slice popsicles are  a healthy and yummy treat that kids will love.

watermelon hacks 8


Want a refreshing summertime dessert? Watermelon Cake hits the spot for sure. Look at all that delicious fresh fruit!

watermelon hacks 4


Watermelon Fruit Leather uses only two ingredients and is a yummy snack for the kids to take to school.

watermelon hacks 15


Make a sweet and tangy Watermelon Lime Sorbet to freeze into the hull. Cut it off into wedges, and you have a portable frozen treat.

watermelon hacks 5


Have you ever tried grilled watermelon? Add a honey glaze to it if you weren’t a fan of plain grilled watermelon… it’ll knock your socks off.

watermelon hacks 9


Make Watermelon Smoothies and serve them right in the rind.

watermelon hacks 6


Cut watermelon into pretty shapes with cookie cutters to garnish your yummy summer drinks.

watermelon hacks 11


Watermelon also makes a handy shot glass. Take a shot, eat the glass… it’s delish.

watermelon hacks 12


What a cute edible centerpiece for a summer party – A Watermelon Grill with Fruit Kabobs!

watermelon hacks 7


Have more watermelon than you can eat before it goes bad? Throw it into the dehydrator to make Watermelon Jerky!

watermelon hacks 13


I bet this Watermelon Jelly would pair wonderfully with vanilla cookies or a sweet biscuit recipe.

watermelon hacks 16



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