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A Private Sanctuary: How to Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Alone time is a rarity for hardworking parents. It doesn’t matter if you are raising one child or five; every hour of the day is likely dedicated to school runs, lunch box prep, household chores, cooking, and working hard for your family.

For this reason, you deserve a beautiful, relaxing, and private space that will make you feel instantly calm from the moment you step inside. Your bedroom should serve as a haven away from the chaos of home life and shouldn’t be reserved for the hours you get to rest your head.

beautiful bedroom with text overlay about creating the bedroom of your dreams

Stop neglecting your needs and set time aside to develop a stunning space that will melt away your worries. Read on for advice on how to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Free Up Floor Space

The last thing you will want to do is squeeze past a chest of drawers or dressing table to climb into bed. It will feel the opposite of soothing and may encourage you to spend more time outside your bedroom. For this reason, you must make it your mission to free up as much floor space as possible.

If a bedroom is on the small side, avoid adding superfluous furniture and focus on incorporating a few quality pieces. The more floor space you can see, the grander a room will look and feel. Therefore, measure every item before adding it to your bedroom to ensure it matches a room’s proportions and feels spacious and airy day after day.

Install Gorgeous Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are ideal for bedrooms of every size. In addition to looking attractive and luxurious, they will maximize storage in your interior and won’t encroach on valuable floor space. 

A made-to-measure fitted wardrobe will fit your interior like a glove, as the furniture will be made to suit a bedroom’s exact requirements, including its width, depth, and height. Plus, you can work with a designer to create a wardrobe design to match your specific needs. It will ensure your clothing, footwear, and accessories have a place to call their own, making dressing more enjoyable daily. 

Plus, the handy storage solution will reduce bedroom clutter while creating a more attractive interior design. It will make you want to spend more time reading, working, or relaxing in the bedroom.

custom bedroom closet

Try a Mattress In-Person

Every parent deserves a good night’s sleep, but it isn’t always possible due to night feeds, poorly children, or kids’ nightmares. When the kids do sleep, you might be forced to sleep on an uncomfortable, unsupportive bed that affects your mood and health the next morning. 

If this sounds familiar, take the time to find a mattress that will suit your body to a tee, which will allow you to sleep soundly when the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all mattress you can buy, as different people have different comfort levels and support requirements. For this reason, trying a mattress in person is advisable to ensure you will sleep like your baby each night. Don’t rush the decision. Take the time to find the best brand and option to suit you. You will be glad you did in the long term.

Keep Bedding Simple

Keep your bedding simple to create an attractive, comfortable space that will allow you to rest your head with ease each night. Don’t make the mistake of adding too many decorative pillows to the bed, as it will feel like an effort to make the bed and pull them off each night.

Your bedroom should be a stress-free environment, which is why you should add crisp white sheets with a simple bedspread, add two pillows per person, and drape a cozy throw blanket at the foot of the bed for a luxe feel.

bedroom decorated in white

Decorate with Calming Colors

Your bedroom is the one place in the home where you should be able to close the door and enjoy some time alone. As you will want to create a restorative, comforting space, you must avoid bright and bold colors and patterns and incorporate calmer hues to encourage instant relaxation.

Think lighter shades like dusty rose, pastel green, light clay brown, or blue-gray. Also, monochromatic color schemes are a stylish choice, as a tonal space will add personality and texture without overwhelming your interior. 

If you are eager to add vibrant colors to the space, avoid applying them to the walls and instead incorporate bolder accessories, such as a bright duvet cover, throw pillows, table lamps, or artwork.

Add Various Light Sources

Many homeowners make the mistake of settling for overhead pendant lights or table lamps in their bedrooms. However, layering light sources could create a more serene, inviting environment, which will ease parental stress after a hard, busy day.

Many simple light sources could make a big difference to your bedroom’s atmosphere, as you should include:

  • Floor lamps
  • Dimmers
  • Wall sconces
  • Bedside lamps
  • Table lamps
  • Overhead lighting

Don’t underestimate the importance of welcoming as much natural light into your interior during the day, too. For instance, you could install another window, add sheer window coverings, clean your windowpanes regularly, and hang mirrors facing a window to reflect natural light.

Increase Texture and Softness

A beautiful bedroom is rich in texture and softness, as it will make the space more inviting and attractive. Fall deeply in love with your interior design by introducing tactile items that will make you want to curl up in bed with a good book. 

For example, you could amp up coziness and texture by adding:

  • An area rug
  • Curtains
  • Luxe throw blankets

Use warm, natural materials and textures to soften the space, such as suede lampshades, wicker furniture, wood accessories, wall weavings, and decorative wool cushions. Also, avoiding hardwood flooring in a bedroom is wise, as it will look and feel cold each morning and night. Instead, lay down a carpet for a splash of softness and luxury, which will feel great underneath your feet when climbing out of bed each morning. Remember, the plusher the better.

cozy nook in bedroom

Create a Relaxing Nook

As stated earlier, a bedroom should be more than a space to rest your head. It should serve as a private sanctuary to read a good book, call a friend, or enjoy some deep breathing in a quiet environment. 

If you are guilty of using your bedroom for sleeping and dressing only, turn the space into a personal retreat by creating a relaxing nook. For example, you could add a window seat to relax at your leisure with a puzzle or novel or place a cozy chair with a footstool in a corner of the room. It will encourage you to take a well-deserved hour for yourself once in a while to write, listen to music, or enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet.

Give the Interior Some Personality

Never feel like you must strictly follow various interior design ideas to create a gorgeous backdrop. The above advice is a great rule of thumb for creating a beautiful bedroom, but you must focus on crafting a space that suits your daily needs and personality. Your interior design should be tailored to your taste, ensuring it lifts your mood and makes you feel comfortable day after day. 

Don’t be afraid to go against convention to devise a stunning space that makes you feel relaxed and happy each time you step inside the room. Also, incorporate items you know will lift your mood, such as beautiful greenery, family photographs, favorite flowers, or children’s artwork.


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