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Top 5 Ways to Create a Healthy and Sustainable Birthing Environment

When expecting a new baby into the world, it is natural for the parents-to-be to wish for the best start possible. Creating a healthy and sustainable environment should be a top priority for expectant parents, especially if you have unconventional ideas for the delivery of the child. Nowadays, you don’t have to stick with a hospital delivery. You can choose to give birth at home or at a specialist unit, and you can even choose a water birth. Whichever method you prefer, just make sure it is a positive experience that promotes your well-being and the well-being of your child. Here are five top ways to create a healthy and sustainable environment when welcoming your baby.

woman in birthing room with husband and doula

1. Collaborate with a Supportive Healthcare Team

The first step in creating the most optimum environment is to collaborate with a healthcare team that aligns with your birthing preferences. Do your research into different types of healthcare providers to find one that shares your values and will support you throughout your pregnancy journey. Be open and honest in your wishes and express any concerns you may have. Work closely with your healthcare team to create a birth plan tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

2. Be Informed

It is important to stay informed about the delivery process of your choice, medical interventions that might be required, and potential complications.  Educating yourself on these topics will empower you to make the best decisions for you and your baby. For instance, you might be planning a completely natural birth at home with little intervention from others. However, labor can sometimes be unpredictable, and you might end up with a completely different journey instead. Another complication that might occur could be an injury. If an injury occurs due to medical negligence, you should seek legal advice from birth trauma attorneys. These legal professionals specialize in medical malpractice and birth injuries, which means they will be able to guide you through the process and help you seek justice.

3. Choose Natural Pain Relief Options

Those looking to give birth naturally should conduct thorough research into the natural pain relief alternatives available. These can include water immersion, aromatherapy, position changes, massage, and breathing techniques. Some expectant mothers enlist the help of an experienced doula so that they can receive continual support throughout the labor process.

4. Create a Calm and Comfortable Atmosphere

For a positive experience with as little stress as possible, you need to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. During labor, use aromatherapy to induce relaxation, play soothing music, and create a serene ambiance with soft lighting. Your birth partner can also contribute to this peaceful atmosphere by offering kind, comforting words and by being there for you throughout the process. By fostering a calm environment, you can reduce stress levels and facilitate a tranquil labor.

5. Embrace Skin-to-Skin Contact

Studies have shown that skin-to-skin contact is great for bonding with your baby and can regulate their body temperature and stabilize their heart rate. Embrace this natural act and keep your baby close immediately after birth.


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