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11 Big Mac Inspired Recipes to Get Your Fast Food Fix at Home

There’s nothing more satisfying than biting into a Big Mac when you’re craving fast food. But if you’re trying to save money by eating at home more, these Big Mac inspired recipes really hit the spot, too. This collection of recipes delivers Big Mac flavor in a variety of ways, like homemade pizzas, smash tacos, and that yummy copycat sauce.

Copycat Big Mac Sauce

A Big Mac taco with copycat Big Mac sauce.
Image Credit: Mary’s Whole Life

If you are a fan of Big Mac sauce, you will love this copycat recipe. It’s gluten-free and makes the yummiest sauce for burgers and tacos. We wouldn’t blame you for using it as a dip for fries, either.

Get the recipe: Copycat Big Mac Sauce

Big Mac Pinwheels

Pinwheel made with ground beef, pastry, and Big Mac sauce.
Image Credit: Maria’s Mixing Bowl

Perfect for parties and picnics, these little pinwheels pack a lot of flavor into a small package. Flaky crescent rolls are stuffed with meat and cheese, topped with sesame seeds, and dipped into that classic Mac sauce.

Get the recipe: Big Mac Pinwheels

Big Mac Burger Bombs

close-up of a Big Mac burger bomb with a bite taken out
Image Credit: The Slow Roasted Italian

Kids and adults alike will love these poppable burger bombs. They’re great for lunches, an after-school snack, or an easy dinner. Homemade meatballs are stuffed with cheese and wrapped in a dough that’s baked to golden perfection. Don’t you want to bite into one right now?

Get the recipe: Big Mac Burger Bombs

Big Mac Casserole

Big Mac casserole in a 9x13 baking dish
Image Credit: The Cagle Diaries

This easy casserole will be a favorite with your family. It has all of the elements of a Big Mac, without the bun. You will love the flavor, and it’s so hearty, it will satisfy even the biggest of appetites.

Get the recipe: Big Mac Casserole

Big Mac Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes made to taste like Big Macs, on a platter.
Image Credit: Sweet & Savory Meals

Bring two meaty favorites together in one epic mash up meal. Sloppy Joes have never been as tasty as they are Big Mac style. With sauce, pickles and cheese the whole family will gobble these up in record time.

Get the recipe: Big Mac Sloppy Joes

Big Mac Bites

Skewers of cheesy beef bites with sauce in a bowl.
Image Credit: Food Meanderings

This recipe has all of the flavor of Big Mac sandwiches, but is so much healthier. You’ll skip the bun and instead skewer cheese-covered meatballs, pickles, and lettuce. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and minced onion to get a taste of everything. Make these and offer a bowl of homemade Big Mac sauce to make an appetizer or snack that no one can resist.

Get the recipe: Healthy Big Mac Bites

Big Mac Egg Rolls

Egg rolls with cheeseburger filling and Big Mac sauce.
Image Credit: Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

Combine Big Macs and egg rolls for a unique and delicious appetizer option. They’re crunchy and crispy on the outside and loaded with burger goodness on the inside. You will want to serve these meaty, cheesy egg rolls with a bowl of Big Mac sauce and a few pickle slices on the side.

Get the recipe: Big Mac Egg Rolls

Big Mac Salad

cheeseburger salad topped with Mac sauce in a white bowl
Image Credit: Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

This cheeseburger salad recipe makes for a keto friendly meal, Big Mac style. While it includes tomatoes, you can leave them out for a more authentic flavor (since the burgers don’t have tomato).

Get the recipe: Cheeseburger Salad with Mac Sauce

Big Mac Smash Tacos

Big Mac Smash Tacos on parchment paper
Image Credit: Dished by Kate

Smash tacos get a fantastic flavor upgrade! These are so tasty and easy, and are loaded with pickles and mac sauce to the delight of McDonald’s fanatics. They’re only 20 minutes to make, so it’s easy to get dinner on the table fast, even on busy nights.

Get the recipe: Big Mac Smash Tacos

Big Mac Sliders

Small Big Mac Sliders topped with sesame seeds - side view to see all the ingredients
Image Credit: Home Made Interest

Deliver big flavor in a tiny package with these sliders. They are perfect for a football party, a snack to share with friends or a meal that tastes like fast food but is homemade.

Get the recipe: Big Mac Sliders

Big Mac Pizza

A pizza made with Big Mac sauce, lettuce, cheese and ground beef.
Image Credit: The Food Hussy

What do you get if you add Big Mac flavor to pizza? A meal that you won’t be able to stop thinking about. This is such a delicious option for a homemade meal at home with bold flavor. It’ll be a hit for family movie night or a pizza party.

Get the recipe: Big Mac Pizza


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