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20 DIY Pencil Toppers to Make School More Fun

These DIY pencil toppers are sure to get the school year off to a great start. Make some with the kids and a few extras to give to friends!

If you have a school-aged kid, then you know how much of your day is spent with pencils in hand. Whether it’s homework or just doodles, pencils are an integral part of the school day. Here are 20 awesome DIY pencil toppers that will make school days more fun!   

The possibilities for these projects are endless and they can be customized to fit any personality. From colorful patterns to silly faces, we’ve got all sorts of ideas for how to dress up those boring old pencils! These easy crafts also make great gifts so get started now so you’ll be all set for school and have some ready for the kids to give to their friends, too!

collage of diy pencil toppers including sloths, rainbow clouds, and monsters

Rainbow Cloud Pencil Topper

rainbow cloud pencil toppers

You can’t help but smile when you see a rainbow. These gorgeous rainbow cloud pencil toppers are going to look great on top of your pencils. You’ll definitely want to make a few extras to give as gifts.

Pipe Cleaner Bird Pencil Topper

bird pencil toppers made with pipe cleaners

Pipe Cleaners make great decorating materials and they’re perfect for creating a bird pencil topper. Click through to see the tutorial for this cute design!

Sloth Pencil Toppers

cute sloth pencil toppers

Sloths are totally adorable, and you’ll love seeing these cute critters hanging out on your pencils all day. They’re made with felt and only require a few stitches, but you could even skip those and draw on the details with a fine-tipped Sharpie if you prefer.

Space Rocket Pencil Toppers

space-themed rocket pencil toppers

Space is out of this world, but it’s right at your fingertips when you make these little DIY pencil toppers. Whip up some fun rockets in minutes using felt and other simple materials.

Monster Pencil Toppers

monster pencil toppers with fringe hair

These fun little monsters are perfect for Halloween, but you could make them any time. They’re quick and easy thanks to not having to sew anything. All you need is felt, googly eyes, scissors, and glue to scare up a few monsters for your pencils.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Pencil Toppers

pipe cleaner Christmas pencil toppers - reindeer and Christmas trees

It doesn’t get much easier than these Christmas pencil toppers made with pipe cleaners and a few embellishments. They’d make cute DIY gifts from the teacher or could be made as a classroom craft.

Minion Pencil Toppers

cute minion pencil toppers

These little goofballs are everywhere right now, but you can harness that Minions mania for some school fun with these adorable pencil toppers. They’re made from felt and a few other simple crafting supplies.

Pumpkin Patch Clay Pencil Toppers

clay pumpkin pencil toppers for halloween

These cute pumpkin pencil toppers can decorate your pencils from the beginning of fall all the way through Halloween. Made from clay, they’re great for kids of all ages and super simple to put together.

Pom Pom Bunny Pencil Toppers

bunny pencil toppers for easter

Bunnies are pretty cute, but they’re even cuter when they make appearances on pencils! These little guys are made with wool pom poms made from yarn. If you don’t want to make your own pom-poms, you can usually find big, fluffy ones at craft stores.

Monster or Alien Pencil Toppers

monster pencil toppers or aliens made with felt

These cute monster pencil toppers are quick and easy to make using felt and some basic sewing skills. They would be a fun craft for kids of all ages. Even if your kiddo doesn’t like sewing, you can just glue the pieces together instead. These could work as either monsters or aliens!

Pipe Cleaner Heart Pencil Toppers

pipe cleaner heart pencil toppers

These adorable little hearts are made with pipe cleaners, so they’re easy to create and don’t take much time. You could even use them as Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids in your class. 

Pikachu Pencil Topper

pikachu pencil toppers

These adorable little Pikachu pencil toppers are perfect for Pokemon lovers of any age. They’re a little more involved since they’re stuffed with fiberfill and require a little sewing, but as always, you can skip that part and just glue the pieces together instead using sturdy fabric glue.

Troll Felt Pencil Toppers

felt troll pencil toppers

These funky little trolls are easy to make using felt and a few other simple materials. Just cut the pieces, sew them together (or just glue them), and your pencils will be ready for fun and mischief!

Ladybug Pencil Toppers

ladybug or ladybird pencil toppers

The kids will love these little ladybugs for springtime. They’re made from felt and require just a few simple sewing skills, but you can skip that step if you don’t think your kiddo will be able to handle it and just glue the pieces together instead. These would also make great gifts for teachers or other grownups in your child’s life.

No-Sew Ghost Pencil Toppers

felt ghost no-sew pencil toppers

These cute, no-sew ghost pencil toppers could look equally good on your Halloween party table as they do decorating pencils. They’re made from felt and are super quick and easy.

Flower Pencil Toppers

pretty flower pencil toppers

These pretty little flowers are perfect for spring and very cute on pencils, too. They’re made from felt but you could always use different materials if you prefer. Wouldn’t these be sweet as a gift for Mom?

Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss Pencil Toppers

Dr. Seuss pencil toppers

These adorable Cat in the Hat pencil toppers are so easy you could make them in a snap with your kids. They’re made from felt, and are designed to look like the cat’s hat from the classic Dr. Seuss story. This is a great craft to make on Read Across America Day!

Felt Heart Pencil Toppers

heart pencil toppers with silly faces

These simple felt hearts make cute additions to pencils for Valentine’s Day. They’re made from felt and some other basic crafting supplies, but you could substitute or add to the materials depending on what you already have on hand.

Button Pencil Toppers

button pencil toppers

These cute little button pencil toppers are great for school or home. They’re pretty simple, too! I love the idea of making them in a bunch of different colors so that your kiddo can pick his favorite when it’s time to do some work. What an awesome way to personalize school supplies!

Foam and Pipe Cleaner Halloween Pencil Toppers

halloween pencil toppers made with foam stickers

These cute little ghosts, bats, and pumpkins are perfect for Halloween but also look fantastic on pencils. Since they’re made from foam stickers, you can whip them up in just minutes.

These DIY pencil toppers are simple and inexpensive, and they’re great for any occasion. They’re also a fun way to personalize school supplies with your child’s favorite colors, designs, or themes. Pick one (or two!) to try out this weekend – you won’t regret it!

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collage of cute ways to top your pencil