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5 Tips for Making Bath Time Fun for Toddlers

Do you have trouble getting your toddler to take a bath? We’re lucky that our son enjoys bath time—but I know that not every parent is so fortunate! Several of our friends have struggled with getting their toddlers into the bathtub.

Why do some toddlers hate bath time, anyway? Well, it usually signifies an end to all the “fun” for the day. Bedtime is approaching, and your kiddo is afraid that he or she will miss out on something!

To avoid a bath time tantrum, up the fun factor. Here are some things that our three-year-old enjoys, and they may work for your kid, too.

1. Bath-safe Books

It’s difficult to get our son to slow down for reading time nowadays, but he’s more than happy to read during his bath. And since he likes to hold the books himself, bath-safe books are the perfect toy. They’re completely waterproof, and the stories are short, so you can easily fit in several stories during a 15-minute bath. You can find them just about anywhere children’s books are sold.

2. Magnets

If you have a metal bathtub, keep a set of alphabet or number magnets in the bathroom for bath time play. Don’t focus too hard on making your little girl or guy learn the letters—that may make bath time even more of a chore. Just let your kiddo play with them.

3. Pouring Activities

Toddlers love to pour things. It helps them with their fine motor skills and promotes independence. And what safer place to let your little one pour than in the tub where everything is already wet? Any cups will do. Our kiddo uses the cups that came with his sorting bear set. They’re sturdy and colorful, and they hold up to lots of play.

4. Foam Shapes

Let your toddler help make his own bath toys with foam sheets. This is a fun way to create seasonal bath toys without spending a lot of money. For example, cut out a pumpkin, eyes, noses and mouths to help your child make jack-o-lanterns. The foam sheets will stick to the tub when wet, and they dry out quickly. A turkey is a cute idea for Thanksgiving, and a Christmas tree with lots of ornaments will be lots of fun to make for the upcoming holiday season.

5. Bathtub Crayons

For little ones who love to color, Crayola bathtub crayons are the perfect bath time toy. They wash off easily from most surfaces, but test a small area first before you give your toddler the go ahead. You don’t want your grout lines streaked with crayon, after all.

What are your toddler’s favorite bath time toys? Do you have any tips or tricks for parents who struggle with giving their toddlers baths? Share them in the comments!

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