Onion Smell on Hands: How to Get Rid of It

I love dishes that use a lot of onions, but I hate the smell that lingers on my hands after cutting them. A couple of…


I love dishes that use a lot of onions, but I hate the smell that lingers on my hands after cutting them. A couple of months ago, I had to chop a bunch of onions for a dish I took to the church potluck. I prayed for no one to sit near me at Mass because the smell was so strong! I know lots of women swear by the stainless steel trick (rubbing your hands on a piece of stainless steel under running water), but that doesn’t work for me. So, for the rest of you out there with super dry skin, here are some tips to get rid of the onion smell on hands.

How to Get Rid of the Onion Smell on Your Hands

Before you try these tips, you may want to try the stainless steel trick, as that seems to work for many people. Just rub your hands along your faucet after washing them. If that doesn’t work, start with these tips!

Use salt to remove onion smell on hands.

1. Try Salt to Remove Onion Smell on Hands

Get your hands wet, and have someone sprinkle lots of salt into your palms. Coarse salt, such as kosher salt, seems to work best. Rub the salt all over your hands and let it rest for a minute or two, then rinse the salt away. This works best for me because it sloughs off some of the dead skin cells from my extra dry skin. You could even try a salt scrub (like our lime salt scrub) to make your hands smell amazing and feel super soft!

Clean under your nails to remove the onion smell from your hands.

2. Don’t Forget Your Nails

Do you remember to clean under your nails after chopping pungent veggies? I was forgetting it nearly every time. Grab a nailbrush and suds it up with plain dish detergent. Scrub underneath your nails and rinse with cold water. If dish detergent isn’t strong enough, try laundry detergent instead. (I know it’s weird, but you won’t be doing it that often.)

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Lemons can help remove the onion smell from your hands

3. Wash with Lemon Juice to Remove the Onion Smell from Your Hands

Have a lemon on hand? Try washing your hands with some of the juice and some cool water to remove the onion smell on your hands. For easier cleanup, you can also just rub the lemon over your hands, but make sure you get between your fingers, too.

What trick do you use to get rid of onion smell on your hands?

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