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Clothespin Airplane Craft for Kids

This clothespin airplane craft is such a fun activity for the kids. Not only do they get to express their creativity in the paint and design, but they get to figure out how to put all the pieces together as they work. You can pre-cut pieces for little ones and help them with the gluing process or let the bigger kids complete the craft themselves. It’ll make a great addition to an airplane themed bedroom, too!

Easy Clothespin Airplane Craft for Kids


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How to Make a Clothespin Airplane

I just love crafts that involve a bit of building, and so does my kiddo. He’s not so much into coloring, but he loves painting… and gluing. In fact, the messier, the better, but that’s another story…

While we’ve included instructions below for this version, you can easily make a clothespin airplane out of materials you have at home. Let the kids eat some popsicles and use those sticks. Substitute pieces of cardboard for the craft sticks, if you prefer. Pull a button off an old shirt.

Don’t let the fact that you don’t have brand new materials stop you. Kids don’t care! Just grab the glue and the clothespin, and start creating.

materials for clothespin airplane craft

Supplies for the Clothespin Airplane Craft:

Instructions for the Clothespin Airplane Craft:

1. Cut two jumbo craft sticks into 3 pieces.  You’ll be using the two end pieces with rounded edges. 

cutting the craft sticks

2. Cut the regular popsicle stick into 3 pieces – two shorter pieces using the rounded edges and leaving the long middle straight piece.

popsicle stick cut

3. Cut the long straight piece of the regular popsicle stick in half.  Glue the pieces together to form an ‘x’. This will be your propeller.  Glue a button in the center of the propeller.  

button on propeller

4. To make decorating easier, color all of your pieces now, before attaching them to the plane!  You can paint the pieces, color them with markers, or simply leave the wood as it is. 

assembled clothespin airplane

5. To construct your plane: first, glue two of the jumbo craft stick pieces to the top of the clothespin to make the wings of the plane. Repeat on the other side directly above the wings you just made.

Tip: If your child is making the craft, he or she may need adult assistance in using the hot glue gun. We use a low-temperature hot glue gun in our crafts for this reason.

6. Using the two rounded edges of the regular popsicle stick, glue on the back end of the top of the clothespin.  This will create the tail of your plane.

7. Glue the propeller on the front of the clothespin.  

fun airplane craft for kids

We hope you liked this airplane craft! If you did, please pin the image below to save and share it.

Fun and Creative Clothespin Airplane Craft for Kids

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