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10 Fun Kids’ Ideas for Christmas

As soon as seasons change from summer to fall, my kids start dreaming of Christmas! They start planning what to write to Santa, thinking about Christmas presents to make and give to their friends and all the kids crafts they can make to help decorate our home over holidays! Is it same with your kids?

18 - Fun Kids’ Ideas for Christmas - easy crafts kids can make to decorate, give as gifts, and more!

This post is a guest post written by Maggy at Red Ted Art. She has lots of fabulous kids crafts and activities, so make sure you check them out!

  1. When it comes to Christmas, one of the themes that always come around are angels. Kind of inseparable, wouldn’t you agree? Kids love to make and display their little paper roll angels around the home during season. They can even use them as puppets to recreate their favorite stories!
  2. Since Christmas comes during winter season, you can always slip few winter themed crafts. We love using small items, like corks for ornaments and these little polar bear ornaments made from corks are too cute!
  3. When you have kids who love baking, set aside time for baking session and invite them to help prepare Christmas cookie and ornament gift packs! They will enjoy making them and proud to give them to family members and friends.
  4. For people in your life you want to pamper with a Christmas gift, spend little time to make bath bombs that smell divine! They are really simple to make and turn into thoughtful gifts under the Christmas tree!
  5. Super simple to make and yet, at first look, this pop-up Christmas card looks awesome and like it took a lots of effort to craft! Your kids will surely enjoy making one to each of their friends and teachers!
  6. One of super easy crafts that work wonders for fine motor skills is torn paper Christmas wreath. Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy tearing and gluing paper to make them! Great project for group of kids in kindergarten as well!
  7. Invite your kids to create Christmas tree twirler from paper plate and decorate it as they wish. Then attach it on your porch and let them spin, twirl and whirls on the wind!
  8. Christmas gifts that are actually useful are the best! Don’t you think so too? Kids had so much fun making DIY snowman plate, and also eating cookies from it once they were done and added to our Christmas table!
  9. If you want to make a useful and decorative gift for someone, this craft is simply perfect! Stunningly looking but basically easy to make clay leaf bowls are beautiful when finished! Kids can make them as a class project or you they can try making them at home.
  10. Invite kids to make and then decorate tree branches in your yard with these lovely ice ornaments. They will look beautiful in your yard throughout Christmas and winter season.

Over the years, we created vast number of homemade ornaments and decorations for Christmas. You might say that we have crafting tradition in our home. Both my kids and myself enjoy spending time together bonding during our crafting sessions. At time like that, as we spend time chatting and laughing together, we create lasting memories. Do you have family traditions in your home as well?


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