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How to Teach Kids to Blow Their Noses

It’s cold and flu season and runny noses are running rampant. If your child is anything like mine you know that aspirators and nose sprays are impossible to use without a wrestling match, and you cringe at the idea of using that NoseFrida contraption. If you’re at the end of your ropes and see no other solution in sight, one way you could help your little one clear their airways is by teaching them how to blow their nose.

Tips for Teaching Kids to Blow Their Noses

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Mimic Mommy

The main thing that all toddlers love to do is copy everything you do or say. In order to get my daughter familiar with the concept of blowing her nose, I did it myself. Once she saw me inhaling through my mouth and exhaling through my nose, she tried to do the same thing. Although it took her a couple of tries, she eventually caught on and started copying me.

Make it a Game

Another concept I used was playing this little game where we would “sniff” either the air or each other. While it may seem silly, it taught her how to control the air by inhaling through and blowing out of her nose. Not only did this teach her to concentrate on blowing, but it also caused some major laughs because the faces she made were HILARIOUS.

teach children to blow nose

Don’t Forget the Tissue

This is an obvious step, but I found that even though I showed her how to blow out of her nose, once I put the tissue in front of her she got confused. You can prevent this by showing your little one how to blow into the tissue one time.

No matter which technique you use, it’s always best to make it an enjoyable learning experience for the both of you. Turning the lesson into a game will make your little one want to do it right so that they win, and will also make them eager to learn. It does take a bit of practice, but patience is key when trying to teach your little one a new skill.

What are some ways you taught your little one to blow their nose?