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18 Ridiculously Awesome Things to Do with a Kiddie Pool

Have your little ones outgrown the kiddie pool? Wondering what to do with one that’s worn out? Some people choose to go ahead and invest in above ground pools just to upgrade that kiddie pool into something awesome. The kids will love it, the grown ups will love it and the value of your home improves. But if you need some ideas for that old kiddie pool, you’re in luck! We’re in the same boat, so I’ve put together this fun list of 18 ridiculously awesome things to do with your kiddie pool. You’ll find everything from outdoor DIYs to alternative ways for kids to play with their pools!

18 Awesome Things to Do with a Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool Hacks You Need to Try

Turn your inflatable kiddie pool into a ball pit in the playroom. What kid wouldn’t love this? You’ll need one of these pools and some plastic balls for hours of fun!

kiddie pool hacks20

via Thrive 360 Living

Or put a bubbly ball pit out on the deck or in the grass for some slippery, sudsy fun.

kiddie pool hacks 17

via My Small Potatoes

Make a sandbox for way cheaper than buying one at the store.

kiddie pool hacks 8

via All for the Boys

Set up a critter pit for the kids to dig around in. Some dirt, plastic bugs, rubber snakes, etc. are all you need for hours of busy fun.

kiddie pool hacks 9

via Chalkboards to Strollers

Create giant bubbles with a kiddie pool, hula hoop and a strong bubble solution.

kiddie pool hacks 10

via One Charming Party

Take a small, inflatable pool to the beach to keep your toddlers and babies corralled with their toys. (Get more beach hacks here!)

kiddie pool hacks 11

via Baton Rouge Moms

Put together an extra-large Easter basket for the entire family. Yes, it’s huge, but it includes items for everyone, so it’s not that over the top.

kiddie pool hacks 1

via KKYR

Build a bird’s nest with giant plastic eggs and shredded paper for your little birdies to play in. Fun!

kiddie pool hacks 19

via Creekside Learning

Watch television with your honey in your own private love nest in a large inflatable pool with soft blankets and big, fluffy pillows. Or set one up for the kids if lying in a kiddie pool doesn’t appeal to you. Get a similar pool here (affiliate).

kiddie pool hacks 12

via The Dating Divas

Or put one outside for stargazing on a warm summer night.

kiddie pool hacks 18

via Family Days Tried and Tested

Having an outdoor party or reunion? Fill kiddie pools with ice to keep the food and drinks cool.

kiddie pool hacks 6

via Beauty and Bedlam

Pan for gold in your kiddie pool. Great idea for a cowboy birthday party!

kiddie pool hacks 15

via Restless Risa

Or fill one with feed corn (for livestock) for a tractor-themed party.

kiddie pool hacks 16

via Raising Up Arrows

Provide a pool full of water balloons to have the most epic water fight ever at your next kids’ party.

kiddie pool hacks 7

via My Party Planner

Use an old pool as a container garden for flowers, herbs or anything else you might want to grow. (Get more creative ways to start a garden using kiddie pools.)

kiddie pool hacks 14

via Container Gardening

Create a brooder for your baby chicks. Pictures of a figure-eight brooder here.

kiddie pool hacks 3

via Pixie Chickens

Build an easy-to-clean duck pond out of your kiddie pool.

kiddie pool hacks 2

via Survivalist Boards

Or a nice swimming pool for your dogs. It looks much better when placed in ground than when left above ground, doesn’t it?

kiddie pool hacks 4

via Garden Therapy

Which idea do you want to try?

kiddie pool ideas
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Monday 13th of June 2022

I use them under the kids beds. For toys when they were younger. For shoes and bags now that they are older. Easy to slide out and grab what you need.

Donella Crigger

Monday 13th of June 2022

That's really smart. Thanks for the tip, Rhonda!


Thursday 24th of March 2022

These are amazing! I love these ideas. Thanks!


Sunday 6th of May 2018

We discovered that a small broken plastic kiddie pool made the most wonderful picker upper for autumn leaves..

Donella Crigger

Thursday 10th of May 2018

That's a genius idea! Our yard gets absolutely covered every fall. Thanks for the tip!

Karin C.

Wednesday 31st of August 2016

We use ours for a duck pond already, but above ground is definately better since ducks are very messy and poop in it all the time. Makes it easier to dump out and clean, but I love the idea to make it look nice around it! Your other ideas to up cycle are great too, I'm going to forward your site with these great ideas!

Donella Crigger

Sunday 25th of September 2016

Thanks, Karin! And yes, ducks are definitely messy... We had some when I was a child, and I still remember that! LOL


Wednesday 1st of June 2016

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love the Easter Basket idea, and the pan-handling for gold one as well! The kiddie pool often loses its appeal in a matter of days so it will be great to be able to re-purpose it! Thanks, CC!