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Presidents Day Oreo Treats

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids this Presidents Day? Make some Presidents Day Oreo Treats! These goodies, themed after Washington and Lincoln, are a great way to get the kids talking about presidential history. They’ll make a fun classroom treat for the day, too!

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Oreos on a blue patriotic background

Patriotic Treats for Presidents Day

Okay, so these Oreos are a little fussy and involved, but the results are super cute. And since the day only comes around once a year, a little fuss now and then doesn’t hurt anyone.

Besides, not only can you serve them on Presidents Day, but if you get them ready early enough and store them in an airtight container, you can have the Lincoln ones on his birthday, and the Washington cookies on his birthday later in the month. They’ll keep in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

Presidents Day Oreos - George Washington and Abe Lincoln

Instructions for President Oreos

Yields: 1 dozen cookies

Ingredients and Supplies Needed

Ingredients and supplies for Presidents Day Oreos


Warm the almond bark in a double boiler over medium heat. Stir occasionally until melted and smooth. Transfer to a small mixing bowl for easier handling.

2 IMG 3741

Place 2 tablespoons of the melted almond bark into each of the molds (12 total).

3 IMG 3742

Place an Oreo cookie in each mold, on top of the melted chocolate.

4 IMG 3743

Spoon additional melted chocolate into each mold, up to the fill line.

Chill for 30 minutes to allow the chocolate to harden.

Abe Lincoln Oreo treat for kids

Abraham Lincoln Cookies

Line a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper. Set aside.

5 IMG 3744 1

Remove the icing from 3 of the Oreo cookies. Cut off the ends of each Oreo piece so you have a large rectangle shape. You should have 6 rectangles (top hats), total. Set aside the Oreo ends that were cut off for Step 5.

7 IMG 3746

Add the black chocolate candy melts to a small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 45 seconds. Stir until completely melted.

11 IMG 3750

Dip each rectangle shape into the melted black candy and place on the lined cookie sheet to harden.

Dip 6 of the end pieces that were cut off in Step 2 into the melted black candy. Place on the cookie sheet to harden.

16 IMG 3755

Remove 6 of the coated Oreo cookies out of their mold. Spoon a teaspoon of the melted black chocolate on top of each Oreo and place a top hat piece (rectangle) on top of the chocolate.

For the hat rim, add melted chocolate to the straight side of the end pieces from Step 5. Place the piece directly below the top hat and hold for 15 seconds to allow the chocolate to adhere.

18 IMG 3757

For the beard, place a small amount of melted chocolate on each face, along the diameter of each Oreo. Sprinkle the Oreo crumbs on top of the chocolate.

Apply white icing to the back of 2 eyes (12 total) and gently place on each of the Oreos.

Pipe a smile on each cookie with the red icing gel.

George Washington Oreo treats


Remove the icing from 3 Oreo cookies. Cut off the bottom 1/3 of each cookie wafer and discard. Shape the cookie wafers into colonial hats by cutting out 2 small triangles on each corner of the round side of the cookie.

Add the royal blue candy melts to a small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 45 seconds. Stir until completely melted.

Dip the “hats” into the melted blue chocolate and place on the lined cookie sheet.

Before the chocolate hardens, place an edible gold star sprinkle on each hat.

14 IMG 3753

Remove the remaining 6 Oreos from their molds. Add a small amount of the leftover blue or black melted candy (you may have to microwave the candy again if it hardened) to the top of each Oreo. Place a blue hat on top of the melted chocolate.

19 IMG 3758

Apply white icing gel down both sides of each Oreo.

Press 2 mini marshmallows into the icing on each side.

22 IMG 3761

Apply white icing gel to the back of two eyes and gently place on each Oreo (12 total).

Pipe a nose on each face with the black icing gel. Pipe a smile on its face with the red icing gel.

presidents day oreo treats 16 1
Presidents Day Oreos featuring Washington and Lincoln


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