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9 Story Inspired Kids Crafts for Creative Storytelling

Looking for a fun craft to go along with your child’s favorite story? Look no further! Maggy from Red Ted Art shares some of her favorite story inspired kids crafts to get those creative juices flowing.

9 Story Inspired Kids Crafts

I love reading fairytales and nothing compliments fairytales better than Fairytale Crafts to really bring them to life. Perfect for role play and discussing the story line. The physical toy is a fantastic way to engage your budding reader and inspire them to create their own imaginative stories. We are always looking for easy kids crafts, especially if they are a good match for a favourite story of ours!

Find some of my favorite ideas in the list below!

9 Story Inspired Kids Crafts

  1. My, what lovely dolls you have! The better to tell the story with, my dear! These TP Roll Little Red Riding Hood dolls are a great addition to this classic story and will bring story time to a whole new level.
  2. I’ve seen dancing dogs, a dancing bear at the circus, and even a dancing bird but none of them compare to Dancing Giraffes. Inspired by the cute book “Giraffes Can’t Dance”, these fun-to-create marionettes will prove that, yes indeed, Giraffes CAN dance!
  3. I LOVE PENGUINS! This adorable book is a treasure all on its own but the Lost & Found Penguin and Boy TP Roll that your “hatchling” can create to accompany the book are just too cute. The assembly is fast and watching your little ones act out the story as you read is something truly special.
  4. “Little pig, little pig, please let me in.” “Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!” These 3 Little Pigs TP Roll Craft are so cute and a great addition to the story. The origami houses that accompany this craft are perfect. With or without the story, this is sure to provide hours of stimulating play.
  5. The Hairy MacClary Dog marionette is super cute! It is a lot of fun to act out the mischievous behavior of the characters of this fun and witty book. The verse and repetitious nature will have your little one asking you to read it again and again.
  6. This project might be a little messy but its oh, so much fun to do. Your “little minnow” will love painting your feet and hands as well as their own. And the cool collage that accompanies Hurray for Fish is well worth the mess. A definite win.
  7. This colorful and tasty treat is sure to delight and satisfy. Rainbow Cookies are a blast to make…and eat! The perfect addition to a day of story time.
  8. This super simple craft is a lot of fun to create and the story that inspired the Stickman Craft is really funny. I highly recommend doing both together and watching your little one laugh and play along as you read the story out loud.
  9. You cannot go wrong with Eric Carle and this Bad-Tempered Ladybird Paper Plate Craft is a match made in heaven. The story is great and the craft is a fun, engaging addition to the creative story. Win! Win! Win!

I hope I inspired you to set up some crafts for your next storytime. I look forward to seeing you over at Red Ted Art sometime soon!

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Richa Choudhary

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017

These are so much fun, thanks for posting!!!


maggy, red ted art

Monday 20th of March 2017

Thank you SO much for having me visit!!!!

Donella Crigger

Monday 20th of March 2017

Thank you for guest posting, Maggy!