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10 Exciting Easter Books for Preschoolers

To say that I’m a book addict would be underestimating my love for books. I have shelves full of them, and that means that my kiddo does, too. But reading stories to him has been a tremendous aid in helping him understand what the holidays are all about. Here are 10 Easter books for preschoolers that you need to check out, including some of our favorites!

I try to find appropriate books for every holiday, but Easter is a special one for us. We love the fun and excitement that talking about Easter eggs and the Easter bunny brings. But Easter is about more than that. We want him to know about Jesus and his sacrifice in a way that he can understand at 3 years old.

This list offers a mix of both. Some books below have a religious theme while others are just fun stories or good lessons. I think you’ll find something for everyone here.

1. God Gave Us Easter – A book featuring polar bears that explains to children how God loved us so much that he wanted a way for us to be with always.

2. Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny! – Duck and Goose try to find the Easter Bunny in this sweet story.

3. Llama Llama Easter Egg – The Easter Bunny brings Llama Llama lots of fun surprises.

4. Easter Egg – Hoppi tries to decorate the best egg for a chance to help the Easter bunny.

5. The Easter Story – A toddler-friendly version of the biblical account of the life and death of Jesus.

6. What Is Easter? – A cute rhyming book about figuring out what Easter really is.

7. Easter Surprise (Peter Rabbit) – A sweet Easter story about Peter Rabbit sharing an Easter surprise with his friends.

8. The Golden Egg Book – A classic story about the Easter Bunny finding a duck egg that’s ready to hatch.

9. Owen’s Marshmallow Chick – Owen finds a new pal in a marshmallow chick that matches his yellow blanket.

10. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick! – A fun Easter version of the “There Was An Old Lady” song. She swallows a chick and all the fixings for an Easter basket…and then she meets the Easter Bunny!

What are your favorite Easter books to read to your children?


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