10 Ways to Play with Popcorn

I don’t know what it is about fall, but I crave warm blankets, hot chocolate and lots of hot, buttery popcorn. 🙂 But popcorn isn’t just fun for eating. It’s fun for playing and learning, too. Popcorn can be used in all sorts of ways for sensory and craft activities as well as cool science experiments. Here are 10 ways to play and learn with popcorn. Enjoy them with your kiddo!

10 Ways to Play with Popcorn

Learn how to dye popcorn kernels from Fun-a-Day. Great idea for your fall sensory bins!

Make it easier for the birds to find food in the winter by making this lovely Cranberry Popcorn Garland by Mama Papa Bubba. The garland would also make a gorgeous old-fashioned Christmas tree decoration. My mom and I used to string popcorn for our tree when I was a child!

Make a rainbow with popcorn and this milk glue recipe at Kids Activities Blog. Just think of all the other colorful things you could make!

Turn popcorn into hopping corn with this cool science activity from One Time Through.

With colored popcorn and some toilet paper tubes, you can make a beautiful fall tree craft like this one from Crafty Morning.

Popcorn ring ornaments from Powerful Mothering add a rustic, kid-made touch to your Christmas decor.

Tinkerlab shows us how to make popcorn on a cob. Tasty!

Use your fruit scraps and some popcorn to make this version of a bird feeder from Happy Hooligans.

The Happy Hooligans also made some gorgeous fall popcorn trees of their own with twigs and colorful popcorn.

This corn craft from Crafty Morning is adorable! This craft is a great way to introduce the different types of corn (e.g., how popcorn is different from sweet corn).

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