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5 Simple Ways to Be a Better Mom Today

There is no job more rewarding or fulfilling than being a mother, but there is also no job as tiring or as time consuming. If you want to be a better mother and make your children happier and healthier, here are four ways you can do exactly that:

5 Simple Ways to Be a Better Mom Today

Before I get into these tips, let me add this caveat: I do not think I’m a perfect mom. I do not have it all together. Sometimes, I give in when I shouldn’t, I get stressed out and my voice carries a “tone” that shows clear irritation, and sometimes… it’s just hard. But these are the tips that helped me be comfortable with who I am as a mom, so I wanted to share them with you. And keep this in mind: if you love your kids with all you’ve got… you provide for them and care for them and encourage them… you’re a good mom. We are good moms.

How to Be a Better Mom, Starting Today

  1. Give your child his own responsibilities. There is nothing that you can do that will hobble your children worse than waiting on them hand and foot for their entire lives. As soon as they are old enough, give them their own responsibilities, whether it is dressing themselves, sweeping the kitchen, scrubbing the toilet, etc.


  1. Take care of yourself. While your kids will always be your first priority, it is still important to take time for yourself. Work on one of your talents. Have your own hobby. When you are completely emotionally worn out, you will not have the energy or the desire to give your children the attention they need.


  1. Let go of the idea of perfection. Life isn’t perfect and wishing it was will only make your miserable. Remember that just because things are not perfect, that doesn’t mean that things aren’t still amazing and beautiful.

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  1. Let your kids be kids. Don’t be so focused on forcing your children to be the best-behaved or cleanest kids on the block. Instead, remember that playing, laughing, crying, jumping are all part of childhood and letting your children indulge in some fun while they still have the chance will make them happier, well-adjusted adults in the future.


  1. Celebrate with your kids. What may seem like a small victory to you could be a huge victory to your child. If they are excited about something, be excited with them. They’ll see that you care about what they care about and that’s huge for a child.