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7 Practical Tips for New Moms

You’re home with your new baby. It’s your first time being a mother and – to be honest – you’re scared to death. Everyone gave you all the tips and advice they had, but you’ve forgotten everything they said. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. Here are some essential tips for new moms that will make things easier.

Being a new mom is wonderful, but exhausting. These practical tips for new moms will help you get through those first few months with baby!


Essential Tips for New Moms

Make a Homemade Stain Remover

Stains are going to become a common occurrence in your life. You will constantly be covered in puke, poop, and pee for the foreseeable future. The good news is that you can easily remove stains without reaching for harsh chemicals. Mix one part Dawn dish soap with two-parts hydrogen peroxide and scrub into the area. If the stain has set, let the mixture soak into the fabric, let set after scrubbing, and wash as normal. Do be careful, though, as peroxide can bleach non-whites garments.

Use White Noise to Help Soothe a Screaming Baby

White noise can be very soothing for a baby. You can download apps that will play white noise, or you can set a radio to static. Try different ones and see which works best for your child. On the white noise app, my kiddo loved the hair dryer, vacuum, and car settings. He also fell asleep nearly every time I actually vacuumed.

Warm Up Towels and Bedding with a Heating Pad

No one likes a cold towel after a bath. While you’re bathing your child, place the towel on a heating pad. This will soothe your child after a nice bath. The same goes for the crib. You can use a heating pad to warm the bedding before putting your child down to sleep. Obviously, you want to remove the heating pad before putting your child down to sleep.

While you can also warm the towel in the dryer, do be careful using this method. Our dryer gets quite hot, even on the low setting, so it may get the fabric too hot for baby.

Apply Coconut Oil for an Easier Cleanup

The first few days of poop can be like tar. You will stand there forever trying to clean the poop off your baby’s rear. One way to prevent this is to rub a bit of coconut oil onto your child’s bottom. This makes it so easy to clean a newborn’s tush.

Place a Clean Diaper Under the Dirty One

Do you want to keep things as clean as possible? One trick is to place a clean diaper under the dirty one when you’re changing diapers. This allows you to quickly slide the dirty one out and your baby will land on the clean diaper.

Relieve Gas with the Bicycle Kick

A gassy baby can be a cranky baby. Grab your child’s feet and move her legs in the bicycle kick motion. This will help your child pass gas.

Sleep When Your Baby Does

Last, but not least, do yourself a huge favor and get on the same sleep schedule as your child. This is one of those tips for new moms that you hear so often, and it’s often ignored because you don’t think you’ll be as tired as everyone says. Yes, when your child is taking a nap is a great time to clean, but you need sleep just as much as your child. When you put your child down to sleep, take a nap.

I know how hard it is to let the house stay cluttered… or maybe you just want to watch your favorite TV show for an hour… but a nap will do you a world of good in those early weeks and months.

If you’re intimidated about being a new mom, don’t be. These tips for new moms will make life so much easier… well, as easy as it can be with a newborn!

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