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6 Mudroom Storage and Organization Ideas for a Clutter-Free Entry

Does it seem like your mudroom is a complete mess? Are you constantly cleaning mud off the floor? Do the kids never know where their shoes are? It’s enough to drive someone crazy. Instead of fighting the daily mess, why not follow these mudroom storage and organization tips for a clutter-free entry?

Practical Mudroom Storage and Organization Ideas to maintain a tidy entryway


Mudroom Storage and Organization Ideas to Get Rid of Clutter

Hang a Coat Rack

Install a coat rack that not only serves to hold coats but backpacks and bags as well. Consider this part of your drop zone. When everyone comes in, they’ll hang up their coats and bags instead of throwing them on the floor. If you have a place for something, it’s less likely it will end up tossed on the floor.

Coat Hooks in the Mudroom

Place a Boot Tray Near the Door

To keep your floor clean when it’s raining or snowing, place a boot tray near the door. As soon as your family comes home, they can take off their shoes and place them in the tray until they are dry. This will keep you from having to constantly clean the floor.

Add a Trash Can for Junk Mail

A trash can is a must. As soon as you come in from checking the mail, toss anything that’s junk into a trash can and then empty into the recycling bin when it’s full. This will help prevent mail from piling up elsewhere (like on the counters if your house is anything like ours).

Have Cubbies for Children

It’s a great idea to have a cubby system where kids can place their items. Have one for each child. This will hold their shoes, winter gear, etc. When they come in their door, it will be their job to hang up their coat and then place their shoes and other gear in their cubbies.

cubby storage for the mudroom

Install a Key Hook

A key hook should be in every home. As soon as you come in, place your keys on the hook and get in the habit of doing so. This will prevent clutter from piling up on services and also helps ensure that you don’t lose your keys.

Create a Spot for Everyday Items

Last, but not least, have a place for those items you use daily. For example, if your husband empties his pockets near the door, place a tray in the room where he can put his things. This keeps items gathered in one area. It also looks nicer if everything is on a tray or basket.

A mudroom does not have to be a dumping zone. Once you create a place for everything using these mudroom storage and organization ideas, you’ll find that the clutter takes care of itself. There will be a place for coats, shoes, and even your husband’s wallet and pocket change. Best of all, you’ll have to clean the room a lot less often when your work to keep it clutter-free.

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