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6 Smart Small Bathroom Organization Tricks

We’ve been remodeling our main bathroom a little at a time, and as we get ready to put the finishing touches on it, we’ve realized one thing: “Wow, we have a small bathroom!” We live in a 70’s ranch style home, and in most cases, the bathrooms were just small, functional rooms.

We barely have room to turn around in there, much less for large storage pieces. So, in our search for practical storage tips for small bathrooms, I’ll share some of our favorites with you.

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1. Use a medicine cabinet.

Seriously, I know this isn’t the most attractive option. Flat mirrors are much more stylish. But if you want to keep all the grooming odds and ends off your sink, a medicine cabinet is a must. Get the recessed kind to give it the appearance of a flat mirror. But if you really hate medicine cabinets…

2. Put up spice racks in your bathroom.

As it turns out, spice racks aren’t just good to have in the kitchen. Those little shelves are ideal for bathroom use. Put them up by your mirror to store makeup, brushes, hair products, nail polishes, etc.

3. Minimize your decor.

We all try to make our spaces prettier, but that often results in a lot of clutter instead. Keep your small bathroom neat and tidy–but still pretty–by purchasing bathroom essentials that look nice. You’ll have towels in there anyway, choose pretty towels. Get a nice soap dispenser. Splurge on a really nice shower curtain. You get the idea.

4. Use a shoe organizer for toiletries and bath toys.

A good over-the-door shoe organizer is a MUST if you have kids. Assign a few pockets to each person for combs, brushes, hair products, makeup and the like. A word of advice: put the makeup WAY up high, or else you’ll have a toddler with the pinkest, shiniest lips you’ve ever seen.

5. Install hooks in lieu of a towel rack.

Personally, I’ve never liked the look of towel racks. Hooks are my preference, primarily because you can fit several on the wall for each person to have a place for their towels, robes, pajamas, etc. They’re also really inexpensive.

6. Be smart about shelving.

While you may not have the space for floor shelves, you can squeeze shelves into the tightest of places. How about above the door? Keep extra toilet paper and toiletries up there in pretty baskets. Install shelves above the toilet for your extra towels. Roll them up to make them look nice.

Do you have a small bathroom? Share one of your best storage tips in the comments.

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Monday 23rd of January 2017

Good ideas but I'm honestly not too fond of putting towels on top of the toilet because you know the poopicles that fly around from flushing

Donella Crigger

Saturday 28th of January 2017

Eww. LOL... Good point!


Monday 6th of April 2015

This is really great! A small bathroom has always been my problem. My favorite is the shelf above the door. What a great way to use that space!


Saturday 24th of January 2015

These are really good ideas. The shelf with hooks for the towels is my favorite. And I love your pictures, too. ~Thanks!


Saturday 24th of January 2015

I just moved this week. My bathroom is a bit small, but it does have potential. There is a shelving unit in there. And I'm going to buy a cabinet knob and insert in the wall. Then I'm hanging one of those dollar store shower units on it to add in lotions and such. I like the spice racks idea!


Saturday 24th of January 2015

I love all these ideas, especially the spice rack shelving! That would be perfect for nail polishes. Thanks!