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Under Bathroom Sink Storage and Organization Tips

How scary is it under your bathroom sink? Do you even know what’s under there? This is a space that could be utilized and completely functional. But you need to get organized. Once you’re organized, you’ll be able to quickly grab what you need. Let’s look at some practical under bathroom sink storage ideas and organization tips. These will save your sanity if you’re dealing with a small bathroom like ours!

Make the most of the space in your small bathroom with these 7 practical under bathroom sink storage ideas and organization tips!

Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

Start by Decluttering

First things first. Remove everything from under the bathroom sink. Chances are you’ll find a lot of trash. Have a trash bin nearby. If you find items that don’t belong under the sink or even in the bathroom, put them in a bin to put away. Toss any old makeup or anything else that is expired.

Move Extras Somewhere Else

Unless the area under your bathroom sink is solely for extras, you’ll want to move those to another area. It’s impossible for an area to function when it’s cluttered with extras. You can move these items to a larger stockpile area or you can hang a shoe organizer on your bathroom door to hold extra items.


Before you put anything back in your cabinet, clean it out. It’s also a great idea to put shelf liner down so that if anything spills, it’s easier to clean up and won’t ruin your cabinet.

Use a Tension Curtain Rod to Hang Cleaners

One of the reasons it’s hard to implement under bathroom sink storage is that there are pipes under there. Work around that problem by hanging a tension curtain rod. You can then hang cleaners from the rod. This makes it so much easier to grab what you need.

Add Hooks Inside the Doors for More Under Bathroom Sink Storage

You can add Command hooks to the inside of the cabinet doors and then cut down a shoe organizer to hang on both doors. This allows you to store everything from bandages to feminine products. You can also store small bottles of perfume, makeup, etc.

Organize Smaller Items in Bins with Lids

If you’re storing makeup and other small items under your sink, organize the items into bins with lids. This allows you stack the bins and fit more in your cabinet. Use chalkboard labels to label each bin so that you can find whatever you need. You can find a large selection of containers at your local Dollar Tree.

Corral Toilet Paper in a Small Laundry Basket

Last, but not least, if you’re keeping extra toilet paper under your sink, use a small laundry basket to corral it all. You can get these baskets at the Dollar Tree. Best of all, you can squish them to fit in the area you need.

Under the bathroom sink is an often overlooked area. People usually cram cleaners and junk under there and it’s never used. Take the time to clean the area out and utilize it. There are so many ways you can use the space to organize the things you need on a daily basis. Best of all, you’ll be able to open the doors without having a mess fall in the floor.

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