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13 Brilliant Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Are your kitchen cabinets a hot mess? I can’t be the only one with plastic containers toppling on her head when she tries to reach the top shelf, right? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to LOVE these kitchen cabinet organization ideas. And don’t forget to check out ways to get rid of kitchen counter clutter while you’re here.

This article features 13 clever kitchen cabinet organization ideas to help you get your life together, because who doesn’t want that? You’ll find these tips helpful for organizing things like pots and pans, food storage containers, water bottles, lids, etc. We’ve also included a few helpful links to our favorite tools for the job!

13 Brilliant Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

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Here are some clever ways to organize your kitchen cabinets. These storage solutions can free up counter space and keep you from having to hunt for what you need in the mess under your sink!

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Easy to Implement Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Hooks for Measuring Spoons and Cups

Use command hooks to hang your measuring spoons and cups so they’re always handy. This is, in my opinion, way better than storing measuring spoons and cups in drawers where it’s hard to find what you need. This is also a great idea for storing things like an apple corer/splitter, your pizza cutter, vegetable peeler, etc.

kitchen cabinet organization 1

via Two Twenty One

Wall File for Plastic Lids

Mount a wall file or magazine holder to your cabinet door to hold plastic lids. Love the idea of using the back of the door for storage because it’s such an unused and underutilized space. What else could you store this way? Try cutting boards, paper plates and napkins, and other odds and ends that don’t fit neatly into the cabinets.

kitchen cabinet organization 2

via BHG

Magazine Holder for Plastic Wrap and Aluminum Foil

Speaking of magazine holders, you definitely need one to store your foil, plastic wrap and wax paper! This is brilliant. By the time you count all the products like this (parchment paper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, press-n-seal, you probably have quite the collection that would be easier to sort through if they’re stored vertically like this.

kitchen cabinet organization 6

via Good Housekeeping

Breathable Onion and Potato Storage

They’re great for your potatoes and onions, too. I never would have thought of that! It works great because these containers are breathable, cutting down on moisture wherever they’re stored. However, I’ve read that you shouldn’t store onions and potatoes together because the onions emit ethylene gas, causing the potatoes to sprout and spoil faster.

kitchen cabinet organization 10

via Mimi’s Crafty World

Wine Rack to Store Water Bottles

Use a wine rack to hold your family’s reusable water bottles. That’s so much more organized than the system we have! You can get similar stackable bottle racks HERE. This makes it easier for the kids to grab their bottles and go before heading out to school or practice. Plus, it’s much easier to notice when a particular water bottle is missing, too.

kitchen cabinet organization 3

via BHG

Pull Out Tray for Cutting Boards

This pull out tray and cutting board organizer is pure genius. Great for baking sheets, too! If you’re on a budget, you can achieve the same thing with a file sorter or two, but that will only work with smaller cutting boards and cookie sheets.

kitchen cabinet organization 4

via WhisperWood Cottage

Cheap Baskets and Plastic Bins

Space under the sink cabinet is limited, so make the most of it with inexpensive storage containers and baskets. Grab some from your local Dollar store. I’ve found lots of great baskets and bins at the Dollar Tree, but they’re usually bright colors. If you like to keep your storage neutral, a can of spray paint (the type that binds to plastic) can really make over cheap Dollar Tree items.

kitchen cabinet organization 5

via Time With Thea

Pot Lid Rack

Use a pot lid rack to take advantage of the vertical space in your cabinet and to keep the lids out of the way. Smart! Get a similar one here. This is also another great idea for Tupperware lids as well, because you could sort them by size or shape.

kitchen cabinet organization 7

via Simple Bites

Command Hook Lid Holders

Here’s an even cheaper option for a lid holder… more command hooks! This works great in a pinch, especially if you only have a few lids that you use regularly. 

kitchen cabinet organization 11

via Instructables

Cabinet Pulls for Hanging Items

Install cabinet pulls on the cabinet exterior for hanging cutting boards, colanders, etc., rather than taking up valuable cabinet space. This works well for colanders and cutting boards alike. If your cutting board doesn’t have holes for strings, you can always drill a couple of holes into them yourself.

kitchen cabinet organization 8

via Far Above Rubies

Wooden Dowels for Bag Storage

Install curtain rod holders and wooden dowels to hang your trash bags on the inside cabinet wall. Clever! It might be kind of a pain to pop a new roll of bags on there, so make sure you buy the largest roll you can find to minimize pulling the dowels out.

kitchen cabinet organization 9

via Simply Organized

Make Your Own Cutting Board Holder

This clever DIYer used wood scraps to create a custom cutting board holder. Simple, but effective. If you have some wood scraps from old projects lying around, try one for yourself!

kitchen cabinet organization 12

via Tikkido

Under Cabinet Wire Baskets

Under the cabinet wire baskets can help you take advantage of the space at the top of your cabinets to fit more in there without looking cluttered. If you’re like most of us, the bottoms of your cabinets are likely full with a big open space at the top. This definitely gives you quite a bit more storage! We also love the hook for the brush as well.

kitchen cabinet organization 13

via Crafts a la mode

Reuse Plastic Containers

Have a bag full of plastic bags in your kitchen? Here’s a kitchen hack for storing plastic bags that you need to try today! It’s made with an empty Lysol container, but any wipes container will do. It’s much tidier than the bag of bags most of us have.

kitchen hack for storing plastic bags in an empty wipes container

We hope you enjoyed this list of kitchen cabinet organization ideas. Do you have a tip or idea you’d like to share with us? Comment below or email us a picture. We’d love to feature it!

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Sunday 3rd of June 2018

Great ideas .I am wondering where you found the container for the water bottles?

Donella Crigger

Tuesday 5th of June 2018

These are the stackable bottle racks for the water bottles: (affiliate link)

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Monday 13th of March 2017

Just had to say that I came across your page when I was looking for some organization ideas and saw your name and had to reach out to say that my mom's name is also Donella! Not a name you ever see! Great ideas too btw! Love the water bottle idea, I always have them rolling around everywhere!!!!

Donella Crigger

Monday 20th of March 2017

Ha! Thanks for the comment, Amanda. No, you definitely don't see the name Donella often -- or ever, really. I've never met another Donella in real life. :)

Mary - the boondocks blog

Wednesday 1st of February 2017

These are all great storage ideas. You know I had never considered using the interior of the cabinet doors before. It is worth giving a try.

Marie price

Saturday 21st of January 2017

Loved your ideas. I have limited storage in my kitchen and bathroom and as I'm looking for ideas you have given me a lot. So glad I found your site on pintrest.

Donella Crigger

Saturday 28th of January 2017

Thank you so much, Marie!