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15 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Counter Clutter

Here’s the deal. We have a lot of counter space in our kitchen, but in all honesty, the countertops are a disaster. I have piles of papers, stacks of cookbooks, and several small appliances cluttering the surface. So, I’ve been looking for smart (and easy) ways to get rid of kitchen counter clutter, because a clean space saves time and money. I’ve hit the jackpot with these 15 tips and tricks. They’re beautiful, but most of all, they’re easy to implement. Check them out!

15 Clever Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Counters

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Tricks to Cure Kitchen Counter Clutter

Keep cookbooks off your counters with hanging wire baskets like these.

kitchen counter organization 1

via Rain on a Tin Roof

You can also keep a wire basket of cookbooks on the counter, and move them whenever you need more space.

kitchen counter organization 5

via A Bowl Full of Lemons

A tiered tray is both functional and beautiful. Use it to hold your produce, add some plants or succulents, store your spices, etc. (Here’s a similar one.)

kitchen counter organization 2

via Two Twenty One

Baskets and caddies on a rod look great, and it’s a clever way to use wall space to get frequently used items off your countertops.

kitchen counter organization 3

via No. 29 Design

Keep everything you need to make coffee on a rustic wood tray. Whenever you need more counter space for food prep, just move the tray to another location. Smart!

kitchen counter organization 4

via Liz Marie Blog

Store pasta, beans, cereal and more in mason jars, and hang them under the cabinet. Click here for the full tutorial. Click HERE to get some mason jars.

kitchen counter organization 6

via HGTV

Add shelves beside your cabinets (if you have the wall space), and put pretty baskets on them. It’s a great way to hide clutter, like papers that you need to go through. This is one trick we’re definitely going to use!

kitchen counter organization 7

via My Perfect Nest

Install a towel bar above the range to keep pot lids off the counters while you’re cooking. Here’s a similar towel bar in a chrome finish.

kitchen counter organization 8

via Practically Functional

Use silver containers to hold your most-used kitchen utensils, and leave your frequently-used spices on the counter, too. Keep it all organized on a tray that you can move in a pinch.

kitchen counter organization

via Honey We’re Home

Or attach hooks to hang your utensils on the side of your cabinet.

kitchen counter organization 12

via Apartment Therapy

Hang your dish drainer on a rod. Not only will it keep it off your counter, but your dishes will probably dry faster with the better air circulation, too!

kitchen counter organization 9

via Amazon

Undershelf baskets are super easy to install. I need at least 3 of these to put underneath my cabinets and shelves!

kitchen counter organization 11

via Brit & Co.

Hang wire baskets on the side of your island to hold lunch bags, paper plates, dish towels and anything else you fancy. Lovely!

kitchen counter organization 13

via Golden Boys and Me

Use an old shutter as a kitchen organizer! Attach some baskets, magnetic strips and hooks to hold all those miscellaneous items that clutter your countertops.

kitchen counter organization 14

via C.R.A.F.T.

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kitchen counter organization ideas

Jan Onieal

Monday 3rd of February 2020

Such clever ideas! The one that has me concerned, though, is the pot lid storage idea. It is a safety hazard. Putting the lids on the wall behind the stove top puts someone at risk for putting clothes on fire as they reach across the gas burners to reach for a lid. Just my safety thoughts.. Can never be too safe.

Donella Crigger

Wednesday 5th of February 2020

I don't have a gas burner myself, so I suppose I never really thought of that. Good point, though!


Thursday 21st of November 2019

I adore creative organizing ideas, particularly in the kitchen. Love how you highlighted using otherwise wasted space like under upper cabinets and the sides of cabinets.


Wednesday 14th of June 2017

I truly enjoy this article it's so clean neat and straight to the point easy to follow these simple steps to a more simple lifestyle. Thanks


Wednesday 24th of May 2017

Where can I get the 3 tier galvanized caddy?

Donella Crigger

Thursday 25th of May 2017

Bonnie, you can find some on Amazon HERE (affiliate), but it looks like they're pretty pricey right now. I am fairly certain I've seen them at either Target or Hobby Lobby recently... I can't remember which one.


Sunday 21st of May 2017

I don't think it's a clever's still cluttering.......better idea is put them in cupboards

Donella Crigger

Thursday 25th of May 2017

For most of us, putting EVERYTHING into cupboards and having kitchen countertops that are 100% clear of any items is just impractical. Perhaps if you have loads and loads of cabinet space (or very few cookbooks, kitchen appliances, etc.), it's possible, but otherwise, I don't see how. No one is suggesting that people implement ALL of these ideas. That would, of course, look cluttered. I've lived in apartments with only 2-3 cabinets, and there's no way I could have fit everything in there. :) Our home has plenty of cabinets, but I still keep my cookbooks handy as well as some utensils and things that I use frequently since I cook 2-3 times a day. To each her own, in other words.