Kitchen Hack: Storing Plastic Bags

This super simple kitchen hack will help you keep your plastic grocery bags neat and organized. In the kitchen, every inch of space counts. I…


This super simple kitchen hack will help you keep your plastic grocery bags neat and organized.
Simple Kitchen Hack for Storing Plastic Bags

In the kitchen, every inch of space counts. I hate to have my counters cluttered or things taking up space in my cabinets or pantry because of poor organization. And while I’m still working on other aspects of my kitchen, I’ve found a super handy way to put away my plastic bags.

First, we keep grocery bags. I know, I know… we should use reusable bags. And we do when we remember, but when I’m running out the door with my three-year-old in tow, it’s easy to forget. So we end up with quite the collection of plastic grocery bags.

Like I’ve seen so many other people do, we kept a bag of bags. Tell me you know what I’m talking about. It’s so untidy!

Another thing that I had too many of? Lysol wipes containers. I had been saving them after the wipes are gone, but I didn’t know what to do with them until the light bulb in my head went off. Store the bags in the Lysol wipes container!

These are roomier than you might think. I can get about 20 bags in one, and they’re super easy to pull out when you need one. We reuse them in the small trash cans in our bathroom.

Do you have a super easy space-saving hack for the kitchen? Share it in the comments!

kitchen hack for storing plastic bags in an empty wipes container

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    1. Here’s a tip that works for me. I leave a empty Kleenex box on top of the dryer for disposing and collecting lint. I’m not constantly dragging across the room where the waste basket is in a cabinet and potentially dropping / spreading the mess.

  1. Thank you for the idea re using lysol wipes canister to dispense reusable grocery bags but how do you put them in in such a way that when you pull out one the next one comes out ready for use next time around?

    1. I personally don’t bother with that, as I have small hands, and I have no trouble sticking my hand in the canister to get another. 🙂 But if you wanted to try it, I think you can overlap the bags slightly and then roll them up.

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