50 Low Carb Snack Ideas for When You Get the Munchies

Living the low carb lifestyle can be difficult. I’ve tried before with my husband, and I think that most of my problem is that I didn’t try a variety of foods, and I didn’t keep low-carb snacks on hand. Now I have no excuse! I’ve compiled this HUGE list of 50 low carb snacks ideas to help all of us. And the good news is that most of these require very little prep or cooking at all. They’re easy peasy snacks you can whip up in just a few minutes, with a few exceptions. Having these items on hand will also help you make simple low carb meals, too.


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This post was updated on 10/19/2019.

Please keep in mind that, as with all foods, you need to watch your portions. Things like nuts, sugar-free chocolates and berries are easy to indulge in when you’re low carbing, but you need to portion them out before you start snacking to avoid eating too much.

Also, I’ve had a few complaints that some of these foods aren’t truly low carb. That is actually a matter of which plan you’re following.

If you’re following an early phase of Atkins, for example, and you need to stay under 20 net carbs a day, some of these low carb snacks won’t fit into your plan. However, people like my mother-in-law (who’s a diabetic), limits carbs, but perhaps within 80-100 carbs a day.

So, in that way, “low carb” is a little subjective. No matter what your carb count goal is for the day, though, I believe you’ll find something here to nosh on when you get hungry.


printable list of 50 low carb snacks

Here’s the low carb snacks list. Print it out for easy reference. You can also pin it for later.

  1. hard boiled eggs
  2. peanut butter and celery
  3. nuts
  4. carrot sticks and hummus
  5. ham and cream cheese rollups
  6. pork rinds
  7. cottage cheese and raspberries
  8. string cheese
  9. sunflower seeds
  10. pepperoni slices and cheese cubes
  11. stuffed mushrooms
  12. turkey and Swiss cheese rollups
  13. baked Parmesan crisps
  14. bacon slices
  15. beef or turkey jerky
  16. bacon and cream cheese bites
  17. pickles and cheddar cheese slices
  18. meatballs
  19. bacon, lettuce and tomato wraps (BLTs)
  20. tuna and lettuce wraps
  21. asparagus and bacon bundles
  22. plain, full fat yogurt
  23. cucumbers and ranch dip
  24. berries (strawberries, raspberries or blackberries)
  25. lunch meats
  26. sugar-free chocolate
  27. tuna on tomato slices
  28. shredded cheddar baked crisps
  29. pepperoni sticks
  30. zucchini pizzas (toppings on baked zucchini slices)
  31. cauliflower and ranch dip
  32. broccoli and cheese dip
  33. avocado slices
  34. edamame, roasted
  35. tuna on cucumber slices
  36. veggies and guacamole
  37. jalapeno and cream cheese poppers
  38. little smokies
  39. zucchini topped with bacon and cheddar
  40. zucchini chips
  41. cucumber sandwiches
  42. bacon-wrapped chicken bites
  43. green pepper halves stuffed with pizza toppings
  44. green pepper halves stuffed with philly cheesesteak
  45. celery and cottage cheese
  46. celery and cream cheese
  47. bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts
  48. cauliflower crisps (smashed and baked cauliflower)
  49. deviled eggs
  50. egg salad wrapped in lettuce
Don’t forget to follow my low carb recipe board on Pinterest for more yummy dishes and snacks!
50 Easy Prep Low Carb Snack Ideas - These are so good you won't want to cheat!
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27 thoughts on “50 Low Carb Snack Ideas for When You Get the Munchies”

    • Some of these aren’t necessarily low calorie, as low carb diets don’t focus as much on calories, but most are a good source of protein. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

  1. Great list. Sugar-Free Jello and faux ice-cream are great too. For ice cream blend 1 scoop protein powder with 1/2 a glass of unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 a glass of ice blend and enjoy.

    • Thanks, Tanya! Can’t believe I forgot Jello, but I’ve never had the faux ice cream before. I’ll definitely try that!

  2. Careful on the artificial sweeteners though. If you are low carbing it for blood sugar reasons, artificial sweeteners still spike your blood sugar and mess with your insulin.

    • Actually, artificial sweetners don’t spike blood sugar levels. According to the Mayo Clinic “Sugar substitutes don’t affect your blood sugar level. In fact, most artificial sweeteners are considered “free foods” β€” foods containing less than 20 calories and 5 grams or less of carbohydrates β€” because they don’t count as calories or carbohydrates on a diabetes exchange.” My husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law are all diabetics and we use artificial sweetners whenever converting regular recipes to “sugar-free” or “low sugar” and none of them have had any issues with spiking blood sugars. Now, with that said too much of any of the sweetners can cause diarrhea, and we have had that issue when my father-in-law decided to eat an entire pie by himself in one sitting.

      • Diarrhea can definitely be a problem with those, but they can affect blood sugar levels according to many other resources that I’ve read, even though the effects are not as dramatic as actual sugar. Eg.: http://dtc.ucsf.edu/living-with-diabetes/diet-and-nutrition/understanding-carbohydrates/counting-carbohydrates/learning-to-read-labels/counting-sugar-alcohols/

    • Usually foods are wrapped in lettuce when you’re low carbing. Although there are some low carb tortillas, you typically can’t have them when you first start a low carb diet, but that depends on which plan you’re on.

      • You might want to try a wonderful substitute for the wraps. I often use collard greens to wrap all kinds of things. Just wash well, dry and trim the center vein of each leaf.
        Place your choices on the leaf, wrap & enjoy.
        Example: julienne cooked chicken, cucumber, avocado, mango & strawberries. β€” wrap & go to tasters heaven.
        Just wonderful!!

        • We often do lettuce wraps, but I honestly never thought of wrapping them in collard greens. What a great idea! Thanks, Ann.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this interesting article! I have just started on my low-carb journey, trying to fight off the Diabetes 2 I was just diagnosed with. My doctor thinks I can beat it without having to resort to drugs. Now, just to stick to the low carbs. Thanks again! Smiles, Linda at Paper Seedlings.

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  10. Hello! I found this post through Pinterest, and it’s been very helpful so far. Can you please tell me what the bacon and cream cheese bites are? I can’t find anything like that online. Thank you!

    • It’s just softly cooked bacon wrapped around a piece of cream cheese… or you can also mix up some cream cheese with lots of bacon pieces to make a sort of cheeseball. πŸ™‚

  11. I try to eat low carb snacks, but find that I get bored with my choices. You’ve made my day with a bunch of new snacking options for me! Luckily I’m heading to the grocery store today.

  12. Thanks for all of these suggestions! I tend to only snack on peanuts and beef jerky, and there are so many other great ideas here. Printing this out to hang on my fridge.


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