Burlap Shamrock – Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decor

This burlap shamrock banner is the perfect diy craft for St. Patrick's Day. It's such an easy craft for kids and adults, and it's a simple, yet beautiful way to add some St. Patrick's Day decor to your home.When it comes to decor, I like to keep things simple. And even though St. Patrick’s Day is the green holiday, I like seeing other colors used with the holiday’s symbols. I made this burlap banner with a white shamrock in just minutes for only a couple of dollars. And it actually turned out really lovely; I may do this for every holiday.


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To make your own burlap shamrock banner, here’s what you’ll need:

materials for burlap shamrock banner


  • Shamrock stencil (I bought this glittery shamrock at Dollar Tree and just used the large outer portion as a stencil)
  • Scissors
  • Burlap
  • White paint
  • Paint brush

After cutting a piece of burlap (about 12-14 inches long), lay it on a flat surface with a sheet of parchment paper underneath. Lay the shamrock stencil on top, and use a paint brush to paint the inner part of the stencil.

In retrospect, I wish I had dabbed the paint on or used only very little paint for a faded look. You can also use green paint, but I thought that white would look better against the burlap fabric.

Burlap Shamrock Decor

You’ll need to hang this somewhere to let it dry completely. It may dry flat, but it will take a long time because the paint soaks through to the other side.

After it’s dry, hang it on your wall or door, or wherever else you’d like. My ultimate plan is to sew the top so that it will slide onto one of those small outdoor flag holders. We have one beside our porch, but considering that our yard is covered in a foot of snow, I just couldn’t get out there to do it. I also didn’t use the right type of paint for an outdoor flag, so it’ll stay indoors instead.

You could also sew it at the top, slip it onto a dowel and tie the ends of the dowel with twine for a rustic look.

Shamrock Decor for St. Patrick's Day

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