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DIY Grinch Wreath Perfect for the Holiday Season

Want to spruce up your door for Christmas? This DIY Grinch wreath is just the thing! It’s cute, whimsical, and based on a holiday classic. What could be better?

Make your own Grinch wreath using mostly Dollar Tree items and a recycled cereal box. Really! You’ll turn that cereal box into a pretty convincing-looking chimney with hot glue, paint, and a few creative tricks.

Ready to get started?

Here are all the materials you need and lots of step-by-step photos for recreating this Grinch stuck in the chimney wreath.

cute Grinch wreath for Christmas

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Supplies for the Grinch-Inspired Wreath

You can find most of the materials (or very similar) for this project at the Dollar Tree. However, Amazon affiliate links are included for similar materials in case you want to get yours online.

materials for grinch wreath
grinch in chimney wreath for Christmas

Instructions – How to Make a Grinch Wreath

wire wreath wrapped in green ribbon
  1. Wrap the wire wreath form with the green ribbon and hot glue it in place. Using the floral wire, attach the garland to the wire wreath form, securing it in place tightly.
wreath form wrapped in pine garland and red ribbon

2. Wrap the garland and wire wreath form with the red ribbon and garland and hot glue it in place. Set the wreath form aside.

3. Cut the flaps off the top of the cereal box. Stuff the cereal box full of empty grocery bags.

drawing rectangles on cereal

4. Using the straight edge, draw small rectangles about 3-inches by 2 inches on the cereal box, staggered on each line, as brick guides.

adding hot glue to bricks

5. Add hot glue to each brick, about 1/8 inch from the lines you drew.

swirly glue on rectangles drawn on cereal

6. Allow the hot glue to cool for a moment or two until it kind of thickens, then, with the bamboo skewer, swirl the hot glue a little to make it texturized like a brick. I recommend working on one or two bricks at a time, so as not to have too much glue drying at one time.

making bricks on sides of box

7. Repeat with the sides of the box, wrapping the bricks around.

8. Allow the hot glue to dry completely.

painting cereal

9. Paint the cereal box with the red brick craft paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.

10. Use a paper towel to dry-brush/dab on some dark brown craft paint, then light brown craft paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.

painted cereal

11. Apply a line of white craft paint to the valleys between the bricks, then immediately wipe a little away to make it look worn. Allow paint to dry completely.

cutting bells off elf foot

12. Cut off the bells on the end of the toes of each elf boot, if required. Some elf legs don’t have bells attached.

cutting fur with exacto knife

13. With the exacto knife, on the backside of the fur, cutting only the fabric, cut the fur to be just wide enough to wrap around the elf legs.

gluing the fur onto the elf legs

14. Hot glue the fur in place on each leg.

finished grinch legs

15. Cut a strip of white fabric about 2-inches wide and long enough to wrap all the way around the top of the cereal box. This is to create a snow-capped chimney look.

white trim on chimney

16. Hot glue the white pouffy fabric on the lip fo the cereal box, with most of the fabric showing on the outside–like snow.

stuffing plastic bags into the cereal box chimney

17. Stuff additional empty grocery bags into the cereal box, if you can.

putting grinch legs in chimney

18. Stick the Grinch legs into the chimney.

19. With your scissors, poke two holes about an inch apart on the back of the chimney.

floral wire through holes on cereal box chimney

20. Thread a 4-inch wide section of floral wire through the two holes in the back of the chimney.

securing chimney to wire wreath

21. Affix the wires to the wire wreath form snugly so that the chimney stays in place. Feel free to add some hot glue and an additional section of floral wire if desired.

22. Hot glue the twisty twirly pick pieces onto the back of the chimney, sticking out from the side.

23. Hang on the door.

grinch wreath craft 7
Grinch stuck in the chimney wreath