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5 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Mold in the Shower

Mold in the shower can complete kill any relaxing vibes you get from taking a hot shower. If you feel as if you’re constantly trying to remove mold in the shower, the problem may be the products you’re using. Did you know that some cleaners only remove surface mold? Mold can hide deep in porous surfaces and keep coming back. Let’s take a closer look at some tricks to get rid of mold in the shower.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Mold in the Shower and Keep It Away for Good

Tips to Get Rid of Mold in the Shower

Don’t Use Bleach on Porous Surfaces

Many of us have been told that bleach kills mold and is the best thing to use. This may or may not be the case. First of all, bleach does not kill mold on porous surfaces. Second, bleach can actually help mold grow. You may think that bleach is killing the mold, but it’s only killing surface mold. And since bleach is mostly water, after the chlorine evaporates, water is left behind, which can allow mold to flourish. You’re going to want to reach for a cleaner that is made to tackle mold.

Try a Homemade Cleaner

If you want to tackle mold in the shower with a safe cleaner, combine equal parts white vinegar and Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle, and coat the shower walls. You may want to reserve some to put in a brush with a fillable handle. Let the solution sit for 20 minutes. Wet the shower walls and then scrub the walls. You’ll be amazed at how easy this cleaner makes it to remove mold. If you want, you can also wet the walls and then sprinkle baking soda on the walls before scrubbing. This will add an additional layer of natural cleaner.

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Use a Fan

It’s important for a bathroom to have an exhaust fan to remove excess moisture. If you don’t have a fan, open a window when you shower and leave your bathroom door open. If you have a bathroom without a window, you need to install a fan. When the bathroom is left with lots of moisture in the air and on its surfaces, mold is going to grow.

Install a Humidity Monitor

If mold has been a recurring problem in your bathroom, you may want to install a humidity monitor. This will alert you to high levels of humidity so that you can take care of that problem before it turns into a nasty mold problem.

Keep the Shower Clean

Lastly, work to keep your shower clean. You can purchase sprays that you cover the walls with after you shower. These daily shower cleaners can help prevent mold. That doesn’t mean you can skip deep cleanings, though. You’ll use these in between deep cleanings. Daily shower cleaners kill germs and eliminate odors in addition to preventing mold and mildew.

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Mold in the shower can be a big problem. Thankfully, it is easy to tackle and prevent. You just need to spend a bit of time cleaning and working to remove excess moisture. A daily shower cleaner will help keep your shower mold free, but you’ll still need to do deep cleanings.

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wendy bigalbal

Thursday 27th of June 2019

Just an fyi, the cleaner linked to here is bleach based and you stated in your post that bleach is not so great to use for mold. you may want to just update and link to a different product maybe so people don't get the wrong impression? I just tried the vinegar and dawn and it did not have good results. Cleaned the surfaces somewhat, but the mold/mildew still present. Bathroom cleaning is a tough thing to conquer :)

Donella Crigger

Tuesday 9th of July 2019

Ooof, thanks for the heads up! Replaced the link with an eco-friendly/non-bleach cleaner. Sorry that the vinegar and Dawn didn't work for you. :( There's never been a stain/problem yet that it didn't get rid of in our shower. Good luck clearing it up!