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13 Tree Houses Your Kids Will BEG You to Build

Now that spring is in full swing, I’m itching to do a DIY project. If you recall, we have an awesome maple tree in our front yard, and what better project to take on than a cool tree house for the kiddo? Of course, that means I scoured Pinterest for some fun back yard ideas and tree houses for kids that are actually doable for someone like me. Here’s what I’ve found!

13 Tree Houses Your Kids Will BEG You to Build

This simple treehouse looks like so much fun! They added a tent on top and a slackline for practicing balancing.

treehouse for kids 1

via Yea Dad’s Home

Here’s a treehouse built on an old stump, and it’s GORGEOUS but so simple. The curtains really add to it!

treehouse for kids

via Made with Happy

THIS treehouse is the kind I always wanted as a kid. Nothing fancy… just some scrap lumber, a simple cover and a flag to let everyone know the tree was claimed. Love the simplicity of this one!


via Mokkasin

Love how this treehouse platform is built completely around the tree. How much fun will the kids have hanging from those branches? Sorry, Mama, you know it’s going to happen!


via Kristen Duke Photography

Here’s a similar one with a roof over half the treehouse to provide shade and protection from the elements. The roof is definitely a nice addition!

Treehouse for kids 5

via Village Custom Furniture

This Hobbit-inspired treehouse is the stuff dreams are made of. It looks like it just belongs in that tree, doesn’t it?

treehouse for kids 6

via Hooked on Houses

Add a climbing wall, climbing ropes and other things to engage your kids in exercise while they’re playing in their tree house. What a smart idea!

treehouse for kids 11

via Wellness Mama

Your kids will probably never want to leave their treehouse, but the addition of a slide certainly makes leaving it more fun. Weeee!

treehouse for kids 7

via DIY and Crafts Ideas

Building a treehouse doesn’t have to be an expensive project. This gorgeous turquoise treehouse was built with salvaged materials.

treehouse for kids 8

via Pinterest

Here’s another simple tree house that you could build from salvaged materials. Easy, but functional!

treehouse for kids 10

via Nurture Creek

If the thought of your kids being too high in the tree scares you, you can always build a super cool tree house closer to the ground.

treehouse for kids 9

via Hubpages

This dad deserved the dad of the year award for building this amazing tree house for his 3-year-old. Isn’t it fun? They plan to add on to it as the kids get older. (Check out the entire album of pictures!)

treehouse for kids 12

via Flickr

Any ordinary tree house can become extraordinary with lots of fun colors. Doesn’t it look whimsical?

treehouse for kids 13

via Country Living

Looking for more kids’ treehouses? Check out these 25 EXTREME Kids’ Treehouses for a real DIY challenge.

Treehouses Your Kids Will Beg You to Build


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