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7 Best Gifts for Graduates

Graduation season is upon us! With these new adults venturing off into the world, it can be tough to think of an appropriate gift that will actually be useful. (Honestly, will they really need a knick-knack with a graduation cap on it in 5 to 10 years?) Sure, you can give them impersonal cash, but it’s not likely they’ll have the foresight to spend it on what they really need… because they might not even know what they really need! Here are a few of the best gifts for graduates.

Don't gift another graduation cap knick knack. Here are the 7 best gifts for graduates - gifts they'll actually love and use!

Best Gifts for Grads

travel makes a great grad gift

1. Travel- Without a doubt, travel is one of the best gifts you can give a person to discover who they are and what they want to do with their life. Let’s make good on our “Oh, the places you’ll go” accolades. Get a GoFund me travel fundraiser started for them, get them a passport, or buy them a plane or bus ticket. Think big and small. You know that the older we get, the more of life’s responsibilities get in the way of travel. It’s simply put on the back burner. So why not help these young adults travel while they aren’t tied down?

2. Luggage- Whether they’ll be traveling right away or not, a good set of luggage can last decades and will come in handy whether they move off to college or take a weekend getaway.

laptops make great gifts for grads

3. Laptop- I don’t know a single student who doesn’t need a laptop, and unless a super powerful version is required, they’re becoming less and less expensive. At the very least, college students need laptops to write research papers, complete online components of their courses, and to keep in touch with family. We’ve had a great experience with this laptop.

4. Printer- If you find a small, all-in-one printer on sale, grab it because having this portable option will save many last minute trips to the computer lab and printing fees! We recommend a printer that’s compatible with the HP Instant Ink program. We never have to worry about running out of ink!

gas and grocery gift cards make great gifts

5. Gas & Grocery Gift Cards. Whether your graduate will be heading off to college or just heading off on her own, chances are she will be broke for a while! The first thing to be sacrificed in a young person’s budget is usually nutritious food. And if she is driving back and forth to go home on the weekends, the cost of gas can really add up. If you know the city she’ll be moving to, Google gas stations and grocery stores in that area, because it will do her no good to have a Kroger gift card, for example, in Florida.

6. Bag of quarters- Ah, the laundromat…brings back fond memories, doesn’t it? Kidding! Hauling baskets of laundry to these public machines, finding enough change to completely clean and dry a load (and linens), and waiting around or hoping no one messes with your clothes were all pretty annoying tasks. Make the chore a little less stressful by gifting your grad with a big ol’ bag of quarters, which will double as a funny but practical gag gift. Wrap it in a fancy box to confuse them as they open it!

7. A Photo Book- This generation doesn’t print out their photos, nor do they want a bulky scrapbook to move from place to place. Use an online photo service to compile a slim book, chock-full of family memories. When they get homesick or worry they’ve lost their way, they can pull out this book and remember that they are loved.

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