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13 Fall Leaf Activities and Crafts for Kids

These fall leaf activities are perfect for autumn. Enjoy a nature walk with the kids, then come home to make something creative!

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is walk. Around the neighborhood, on a trail, in a park, or really anywhere for that matter. Everything is so beautiful!

If you’re walking with kids (or, okay, even if you’re walking by yourself) you just might find yourself with a collection of fallen leaves by the time you get back home.

But instead of just keeping these little treasures around for a while before inevitably throwing them away, why not put them to good use?

This list of 14 Fall Leaf Activities and Crafts is full of great ways that you and your children can use the leaves you find while you’re out and about. And if you live somewhere that lacks in fall leaves, most of these can be done with fake store-bought leaves, so you can still enjoy all of the beauty of fall!

13 Fall Leaf Activities and Crafts for Kids

Fun Fall Leaf Activities

Leaf Sunflower Craft – Easy Peasy and Fun

I just love how bright and cheerful these “sunflowers” are! But if you can’t find leaves in the correct shape, you and your children could easily adapt this craft to make your own unique flowers.

Leaf Stamping with Pumpkin Pie Playdough – Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

Teach your kids about different types of trees with this fun activity! Bonus: the playdough smells absolutely amazing.

Fall Leaf Finger Puppets – Crafts By Amanda

This finger puppet craft will give your family hours of play, even after the craft is completed!

Alphabet Leaf Activity – A Dab Of Glue Will Do

All you need for this activity from is a sharpie, a child-friendly rake, and some leaves. Write a letter of the alphabet on each leaf, dump them on the ground, and have your child rake them up. As they uncover the letters, you can talk to them about letter identification, the sounds they make, and words the letters appear in.

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fall leaf activities for kids

Leaf Crown – Red Ted Art

Not only is this craft fun to make, but your child can also use it for dress-up when the craft is completed!

Leaf Sensory Bags – Kids Craft Room

This activity is great for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Just grab a sealable bag and fill it with cooking oil, liquid watercolors, glitter, sequins, and of course, leaves. Set it on a table, and let your kids play!

Fall Leaf Collage – Hands On As We Grow

This craft includes both real leaves and fake leaves made from bubble wrap prints. It also makes a cute fall decoration when it’s finished!

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Hedgehog Craft Using Leaves – Crafty Morning

So, “hedgehog” doesn’t usually scream “fall” to me, but this craft is so cute, I just had to include it! Grab some brown paper, a black marker, some glue, and leaves, and you’re well on your way to seeing these cuties come alive. And if you’re not a fan of hedgehog crafts, you can definitely use this same concept to make other animals of your choosing!

DIY Leaf Luminaries – Kids Craft Room

The best part about these luminaries is that they require NO glue. Which, of course, means so much less mess. Just use contact paper to stick your leaves to the bottom half of a milk jug, add an electric tea light “candle”, and voila! A fun craft that doubles as a beautiful decoration.

fall leaf crafts for kids

Fall Leaf Graphing Activity –Life Over C’s

This activity combines the beauty of fall with basic math to make an activity that will give your kids hours of fun. The tutorial even includes a free printable to help you along.

Leaf Printed Autumn Banner – Happiness Is Homemade

This banner craft will add a seasonal flare to your fireplace! And your kids will seeing their handiwork displayed (okay, so they might enjoy the part where they get to play with paint too…)

Leaf Mesh Painting – The Jenny Evolution

The next time you go grocery shopping, don’t throw out those mesh bags! Instead, let your kids use them to make this super fun craft!

Fall Leaf Placemats – Creative Homemaking

These placemats are not only fun to make, but they’re practical too! You can pull them out for fall holidays, or just use them to save your table from spaghetti night.

Throwing away or burning gorgeous fall leaves just seems like such a waste. With these crafts and activities, your family can have fun while putting those leaves to good use. And hopefully, your kids will learn a thing or two along the way!