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18 Fun 4th of July Traditions to Start with Your Family

The 4th of July was one of my favorite holidays while growing up. Every year, my family would pack up a blanket and head to our local high school, where they would set off fireworks on the football field. We would run around and play, we’d grab snacks from the concession stand, and when it started to get dark, we would all snuggle up together to watch the show.

Now that I’m older, I’ve been looking to start some 4th of July traditions of my own. I still love the holiday and all that it represents, and I want my children to someday share in that appreciation. If you, too, have been looking for ways to make lasting memories, this list of 18 Fun 4th of July Traditions to Start with Your Family is sure to give you some great ideas.

4th of July Traditions to Start With Your Family This Year

4th of July Traditions to Start This Year

1. Hang the flag with your family. Just make sure to brush up on proper flag etiquette first!

2. Go to a parade. Many towns hold parades in honor of the 4th of July. If yours doesn’t, you can always hold your own parade by decorating bikes, scooters, and wagons and riding them down the sidewalk.

3. See fireworks. This one’s pretty common, but oh, so worth it. If your town doesn’t have a fireworks show, you can always set off your own.

4. Have a cookout. Invite friends and extended family, or keep it low-key and include just your household. Either way, nothing quite says 4th of July like hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill. Take our Patriotic Cheesecake along for a delicious and patriotic dessert.

4th of july traditions cookout

5. Go to a baseball game. If there are no cheap games nearby, you can always create your own. Invite your friends and neighbors, grab a ball and a bat, and see what your family can do.

6. Play outdoor games. Get your family together and play some of your favorite games in your backyard. {Read 23 Outdoor Games to Make Summer a Blast}

7. Make your own “fireworks.” If your kids are afraid of fireworks, or if your state has strict regulations, you can make your own fake fireworks. Make fake sparklers by tying ribbons to the end of a stick, or fill balloons with confetti and pop them.

8. Make 4th of July treats as a family. Try classics like ice cream and lemonade, or try your hand at making red, white, and blue cookies or cupcakes. {See our Patriotic Fruit Parfait.}

4th of july snacks

9. Learn about the history of Independence Day. Sit with your kids and teach them about why exactly we celebrate the holiday. Read stories or talk about the Declaration of Independence.

10. Support the troops by making care packages or writing letters to send to soldiers overseas. Show them that you and your family appreciate all that they do to keep America free.

11. Go to a festival, fair, or carnival with your family. There are tons of these around this time of year, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one close by. Go on rides, get your faces painted, and play games.

12. Wear glow stick necklaces if you’ll be out past sunset. Not only are glow sticks fun for kids, but they’ll also make your kids easy to spot in the dark.

13. Take a patriotic family photo. Have everyone dress in red, white, and blue and get a picture together.

4th of july traditions square2

14. Catch fireflies. Grab some clean, empty jars, wait for the sun to set, and have fun catching fireflies with your family.

15. Tie dye shirts. Get white t-shirts for each of your family members get creative tie-dying them.

16. Make some 4th of July themed crafts with your family. Try making red, white, and blue wreaths, flags, or whatever else you can think of!

17. Get musical. Play your favorite patriotic music or sing America-themed songs to get your family in the holiday spirit each year.

18. Go swimming. If your family has a pool, now’s the time to use it! If not, check out a local public pool. Make sure to bring pool toys and plenty of refreshments.

Swimming is a fun 4th of july tradition to start with the family

The 4th of July is a very special day for our country. And, with these traditions, it can be a special day for your family, too. Just pick a few of your favorites, and make each Independence Day something to remember.

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Monday 26th of June 2017

I love the 4th of July! It is a lot of fun to spend time with family and friends that you don't get to see often. One of our favorite things to do is recreate my Grandmother's patriotic sugar cookies or her cherry pie. I have a ton more tradition ideas on my website if you would like to check them out. Great post! I really liked your ideas. My kids love to catch fireflies and sending things to the troops is always a great idea! :) Happy 4th of July.