Road Trip Hacks for Traveling with Kids

17 Hacks for Long Road Trips with Kids

Traveling with kids can be such a rewarding experience. Getting to share your favorite spots with them, seeing the look of wonderment on their faces, and making unique memories that will last a lifetime make it all worthwhile. But it can be easy to forget about all of those joys when you’re six hours into what probably feels like the longest drive of your life. We’ve all been there. To help you keep your sanity, here’s a list of 17 Road Trip Hacks that will make your drive a lot more enjoyable.

17 Hacks for Road Trips with Kids

Easy Pumpkin Decorating Tips for All Skill Levels

11 Pumpkin Decorating Tips for Every Skill Level

When I was younger, pumpkin carving was my favorite part of autumn (except, of course, for getting candy on Halloween). My family and I would put enough newspaper down to cover most of the kitchen floor, and we would all get to work creating our own jack-o-lanterns. This tradition died after a while, as my brothers and I grew up, moved out, and started making traditions of our own. But I still held (and continue to hold) a special place in my heart for decorating pumpkins in the fall. I’ve made sure to carve or decorate at least one pumpkin a year, regardless of who joins me in the process. It just wouldn’t be fall without it! So, after a lifetime of trial and error, I’ve come up with quite a few tips to make the process go smoother to ensure that I can continue this tradition no matter how busy I may be. So, if you’re looking for ways to make pumpkin decorating a bit easier, or if you’re trying your hand at it for the first time, these 11 Pumpkin Decorating Tips are sure to help you out, whether you’re carving or going a less traditional route.

11 Pumpkin Decorating Tips for Every Skill Level

low carb chicken recipes your family will love

13 Low Carb Chicken Recipes You Don’t Want to Miss

Chicken is definitely my favorite source of protein. It’s yummy, versatile, and generally inexpensive. The one downside is that pretty much every chicken recipe that looks good to me is loaded with carbs. Or, at least, every chicken recipe that shows up randomly on the newsfeeds of my social media accounts. Regardless, in my attempt to keep a low-carb diet, I usually just end up eating chicken with… chicken. And seasoning and veggies, of course. Which is fine for a few days (or weeks…) in a row. But after a while, it can get pretty boring. So, after some hunting, I’ve found some great recipes to switch up my meals. If you, too, are sick of eating plain old chicken, you’ll love this list of 13 Low Carb Chicken Recipes. It’s full of recipes so delicious that you won’t miss the carbs at all!

13 Low Carb Chicken Recipes You Don't Want to Miss

4th of july traditions square2

18 Fun 4th of July Traditions to Start with Your Family

The 4th of July was one of my favorite holidays while growing up. Every year, my family would pack up a blanket and head to our local high school, where they would set off fireworks on the football field. We would run around and play, we’d grab snacks from the concession stand, and when it started to get dark, we would all snuggle up together to watch the show.

Now that I’m older, I’ve been looking to start some 4th of July traditions of my own. I still love the holiday and all that it represents, and I want my children to someday share in that appreciation. If you, too, have been looking for ways to make lasting memories, this list of 18 Fun 4th of July Traditions to Start with Your Family is sure to give you some great ideas.

4th of July Traditions to Start With Your Family This Year

Skip the freezer section at the store. Make one of these healthy ice cream recipes at home in just minutes!

16 Healthy Ice Cream Recipes You Can Enjoy Guilt Free

Ice cream and popsicles are honestly my favorite part of warm weather. Seriously. I could eat an entire tub of the stuff in one sitting (not that I know from experience or anything). Unfortunately, my body doesn’t like ice cream quite as much as my taste buds do, and I usually end up really regretting even a couple scoops. After trying to cut ice cream completely out of my diet for the hundredth time, I decided to try to find a better way. And, there are actually tons of healthier ice cream options that get rid of all that regret before it starts. So, if you’re anything like me, don’t give up just yet! This list of 16 Healthy Ice Cream Recipes You Can Enjoy Guilt Free includes some of the best ice cream options out there, and they’re all so delicious, your family won’t know the difference!

16 Healthy Ice Cream Recipes You Can Feel Good About Eating

spring date ideas 7

24 Cheap Spring Date Ideas for Couples

It’s finally starting to get warm again, and I could not be more excited. There are so many great date options in the spring. Don’t get me wrong, winter dates can be very romantic. But there’s just something about fresh (warm!) air that guarantees a fun time. So, in my excitement, I’ve made a list of 24 Cheap Spring Date Ideas. I can’t wait to try them all, and I hope that you find something that you and your significant other will enjoy, too!

24 Cheap & Fun Spring Date Ideas

Fun Easter Traditions to Begin with Your Family

19 Easter Traditions to Start With Your Family

Family traditions are so important. They’re a great way to strengthen your family’s bond, teach values, and offer comfort and security to your children. Since Easter is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start a new holiday tradition with your family. Choose one (or several) ideas from this list of 19 Easter Traditions to Start with Your Family, and make some lasting memories this year.

19 Easter Traditions to Start with Your Family This Year

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