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Love Bug Pre-Packaged Valentine’s Day Snacks for Class Parties

Are you looking for a pre-packaged Valentine’s Day snack for your child’s class party? These love bug snack cups are a super cute and super easy option! You can use strawberry gel fruit cups as pictured here, strawberry applesauce, or strawberry pudding! Either way, you’ll get a cute little treat to hand out on Valentine’s Day. These would make adorable gifts for friends, neighbors, or to put in your hubby’s lunchbox, too!

Love Bug Snacks on a white rectangular plate

Pre-packaged Snack Idea for Valentine’s Day: Love Bug Cups

Most classrooms these days require pre-packaged snacks for the safety of the children. There may be food allergies or other concerns with homemade treats, so that’s understandable. Check with the teacher first to make sure there are no allergies to the product you plan to use for your love bug (fruit-gel cups, applesauce, or pudding).

So, let’s get started making these little snacks that are perfect for the lunchbox or a party. Here are some lunchbox notes, too. Here’s what you’ll need for the love bug cups.

pipe cleaners, pom poms, foam hearts, fruit cups on a white background

Items needed for Pre-Packaged Love Bug Snacks:

Note: I have found most of the items listed (except the fruit cups) at my local Dollar Tree, but if you’re the online shopping type, the Amazon links above will get you everything you need to make these love bug snacks.

love bug snack cups on a pink checkered background

Instructions for Fruit Cup Love Bug Snacks:

1. Heat the hot glue gun. Glue the sparkly pom-poms to the end of the pipe cleaners to make the love bug antennae.

making the antennae

2. Next, turn the fruit cup upside down and glue the googly eyes and smallest pom-pom, creating a face on fruit cup.

gluing the eyes, nose, and feet on the love bug

3. Glue two foam hearts to the bottom of the fruit cup to create feet.

love bugs with all parts glued in place

4. Finish off your love bug by giving him ears, hot glue the antennae to the back of the fruit cup.

Finished love bug treats

These are perfect for class parties and are super fun to make and to eat! Your kids will love making them for their friends and classmates.

If you make these love bug cups with your kids, we’d love to see the pictures! Tag us at @gluesticksgumdrops on Instagram!

single love bug cup on a white pedestal

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graham cracker tic tac toe snacks on a heart background