Minion Paper Plate Craft for Kids

The minion craze will be back in full force in June, and we couldn’t resist this cute minion paper plate craft for kids. It’s simple, fun and adorable, and it’s the perfect rainy day activity for preschoolers and young children. Don’t forget to check out our other minion crafts and activities while you’re here!

Fun Minion Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Minion Paper Plate Craft Instructions

Has it really only been two years ago since the last Minions movie came out? I remember how much fun we had making our minion clothespins, smoothies, and chore charts then. (You can find them all linked at the bottom of this post.) The next movie is bound to be a hit with little minion fans, too, so we couldn’t resist another cute craft for the kids – this time using paper plates! You can’t get much easier than that, right?

And don’t worry if you don’t have felt; construction paper will work just fine in its place in this craft.

Little ones will need a parent’s help with the hot glue gun. Alternatively, you can let them use school glue, but provide lots of drying time before turning the minion upright for display.

Materials for the Minion Paper Plate Craft

Small paper plates
Yellow, white, brown, and black paint
Black felt
Mason jar lid ring
Paint brushes
Hot glue/hot glue gun

Directions for the Minion Paper Plate Craft

1. Use a paint brush (we love foam paint brushes) to paint your paper plate yellow and let dry.

Minion Paper Plate Craft Step 1
2. Paint the bottom of your mason jar lid to bring white, stamp it on the top center of your plate, and set aside. Paint the circle white and let dry.

Minion Paper Plate Craft Step 2
3. Now paint a brown eye on the center of the white circle with a black dot in the middle.
4. Cut out two rectangles of felt about 2.5 x 1″ and glue then to the sides of the eyes.

Minion Paper Plate Craft Steps 3 and 4
5. Carefully hot glue the bottom of your mason jar lid ring and press on to your white eye.

Minion Paper Plate Craft Step 5
6. Cut out fake pointy hair and glue it onto the top of your Minion.
7. Then paint a black mouth below the eye and your Minion is complete.

Completed Minion Paper Plate Craft

Isn’t it cute? The paper plate minion will look adorable in a minion-themed bedroom!

Cute Minion Paper Plate Craft for Kids

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