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5 Time Management Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home moms have a constant juggling act. You’re taking care of the house, your family, running errands, helping out with school work, trying to be there for your family any time they need you… Is it any wonder that you may feel like you’re never getting anything done? You’re constantly on the go, but not really productive. It happens with all moms. Let’s take a closer look at some time management tips for stay at home moms.

Essential Time Management Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Simple (But Effective) Time Management Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Make a To-Do List the Night Before

One of the best productivity tips for stay at home moms is to create a to-do list the night before. (Use our printable to-do list!) This way, you can hit the ground running. You know exactly what needs to be done. If you like using a planner, schedule your day so that you get the things on your to-do list accomplished.

to do list for moms

Be an Early Riser or a Night Owl

Sometimes you have things that need to be done when the house is quiet. It might be paying bills, working a small job from home, etc. Either get up a few hours earlier than everyone else or stay up later. Even 30 minutes can make a huge difference. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in that amount of time when everything is quiet.

Take Advantage of Naptime

Naptime is another great time to get things done. If you’re a stay at home mom with a toddler, naptime will allow you to get so much done. Think of it as your little power hour to knock as many things off your to-do list as possible.

napping child


Multitasking is smart, if you do it right. Stay at home moms want to make the most of their time. The trick is to pair two mindless tasks together. You shouldn’t, for example, balance your budget while helping the kids with their science projects.

Instead, while you’re making dinner, catch up on a phone call with your mom. While you’re running the dishwasher, fold and put away clothes and vacuum.

Create Habits

Last, but not least, create good habits. When you get in the habit of doing something, you don’t even really think about it and your life is easier. For example, start a load of laundry each morning and you’ll never have to deal with climbing Mount Saint Laundry again. Each evening, start the dishwasher and unload it every morning. Little habits like these can make you very productive.

If you want to be more productive, try these time management tips for stay at home moms. They are easy to incorporate into your life and can make a big difference in how much you get done each day.

5 Smart Time Management Tricks for Moms

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