Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

In anticipation of the new Star Wars movie coming out in a couple of months, we decided to do a craft featuring our favorite Star Wars character: Yoda! This paper bag puppet is easy to make, and it’s definitely lots of fun to play with. Make one with your young Jedi today!

Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

Materials for a Yoda paper bag puppet:

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How to make a Yoda Paper Bag Puppet:

1. Cut out all the shapes you need. The eyelids are half ovals, and you’ll need to make the size a bit bigger than your googly eyes. You’ll need two long strips of white construction paper for the robe, and the face and ears are made out of green construction paper. I used this picture to help me¬†draw the ears. As you can tell, drawing isn’t my strong suit. Color in the ears with a gray or green colored pencil.

yoda materials


2. Glue the robe and the face onto the paper bag using a hot glue gun (or school glue, if your little one is doing the gluing).

yoda puppet 1

3. Glue the eyes and ears to the head using a hot glue gun (or school glue, but I really recommend hot glue for the eyes). Once the eyes are glued on and dry, apply the eyelids about halfway over the eyes.

yoda puppet 2


4. Using a gray or green colored pencil, draw lines and wrinkles on Yoda’s face. Lots of ’em. Trust me; it just doesn’t look right unless you add some wrinkles.

yoda puppet 3


And that’s your Yoda paper bag puppet! Here he is with the pretzel lightsabers we made for One Crazy House.

Yoda and Lightsaber Pretzels



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  9. I’m the Editor of Fun Family Crafts and wanted to let you know that we have featured your cute Yoda project! You can see it here:


    If you have other kid-friendly craft tutorials, we’d love for you to submit them. Thanks for a fun idea!

  10. I am wondering if you have the image you used for the ears. The link.is no longer valid. We are making these for our VBS craft next month.

    • Hi, Tina. I just updated the link with another source. You can find ear templates here: http://troomtroom.com/sources/diy_yoda_ears_headband.jpg


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