Cat Paper Bag Puppet

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I love paper bag puppets. We made one for Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. They’re fun any time of year, though! Since we have two cats, we decided to make cat paper bag puppets this time.
Paper Bag Cat Puppet


Materials Needed:

Putting the cat paper bag puppet together

As you can probably tell, we didn’t use a template for these. I just cut the pieces free hand, but it’s easy to do.

First, cut a piece of construction paper to fit the entire length and width of the paper bag. Then, cut the construction paper at the place where the bag’s “face” moves.

You’ll also need triangles (ours were curved at the tips) for the ears in the primary color of the cat and smaller triangles in pink or another accent color. The nose was also a little tiny triangle, and the tongue was just a u-shaped piece.

Draw out the curvy tail first. Don’t make it too long; we did, and we ended up taping it on the bag because it wouldn’t stay put with glue.

Glue the “body” on the bag. Or, if you’re better prepared than I was, you’ll have colored bags on hand and won’t have to fuss with that part.

Next, glue on the ears. I recommend gluing them behind the cat’s head. If you glue them on front, it looks a little messy.

Putting the paper bag cat puppet together

Next, tape or glue the tail to the back of the bag. Glue an accent oval to the front of the body to create the look of a belly.

Finally, work on the face. Add the pipe cleaners first to make whiskers. Tape them down to secure them, and then glue cotton balls on top to hide the tape and create a fuzzy face look. Add the nose and tongue on either side of the cotton balls.

Glue the eyes to the cat last.

And last, but not least, glue or stick on the googly eyes. You can see that my son set his off to the side on his black cat. I actually like it better that way!

Now you have your paper bag cat puppet. By the way, you’ll want to let this dry for a few hours before playing with it. My son couldn’t help him self, and with all the moisture in the air (it was super humid), they fell apart in no time. Oops! So, be patient, and let them dry.

Black Cat Paper Bag Puppet

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