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10 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of School

Here in Virginia, the kids are headed back to school. Even though my kiddo doesn’t start preschool until the second week of September, I’m already working on ways to make his special day a big event. Here are some easy (and fun!) ways that you can celebrate the first day of school.

10 ways to make the first day of school special

1. Create a Countdown
Instead of an Advent calendar, create one counting down to the first day of school. On each day, include something fun or a special treat you get to do on that day. They’ll have fun taking turns to tear off the number and find out what’s next!

2. Throw a Back to School Party
If there are several kids in your family or you have several friends starting school together, have a big get together to celebrate the start of the school year. It will give everyone a chance to reconnect after the long summer and give the kids something to talk about the first day back.

3. Let Them Pick their Clothes
There might be a dress code, but give your kids as much freedom as possible to design their outfit for the first day of school. Make sure everything is picked out, from the shoes and socks to headbands.

4. Have a Photoshoot
You bought all the new clothes and accessories, so you might as well take pictures of them! Have a photoshoot with your children and then make a fun scrapbook. You can keep adding pages every year.

5. Schedule a Measuring
Not for clothes or anything, but you can make it a family tradition to measure your kids height on the first day of school each year. It will be exciting for everyone to see how much they’ve grown!

How to Celebrate the First Day of School

6. Create a First Day Movie
On the first day of school, have someone go around the house and video everyone getting ready. Have mini interviews and get candid footage of people rushing around. You can watch this again a few months down the road, or even before school starts the next year!

7. Announce Them as They Leave
Just like at a boxing match, you can make leaving the house exciting. Have the kids stand back and announce each one as they come to the door. Scream and clap for them.

8. Make their Favorite Food
If you have enough time, plan to make them a breakfast full of their favorite foods, and maybe some healthy ones, too. Carry on the celebration by making them an extra special lunch with some favorites.

9. Include Notes in their Lunch
Getting through the first morning of school can be rough. Cheer your kids up by leaving a loving note in their lunch box. But don’t make it too obvious! You don’t want to embarrass them.

10. Have a Special Dinner
Set the stage to hear all about your kids first day at school by preparing a special dinner for them. Or, if you can, go out to eat to a family favorite restaurant. Your kids will be looking forward to the first day of school all year round!

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