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5 Biggest Myths About the Low Carb Lifestyle

There is an unlimited amount of information available about different eating styles.  The types of diets a person could try are ENDLESS.  One way to eat focuses on eating fewer carbohydrates.  Low carb diets are nothing new and continue to have many, many supporters.  Despite the popularity of the low carb diet, there is still a lot of misinformation floating around.  Let’s look at some of the biggest myths about the low carb lifestyle that are still circulating.

5 Biggest Myths About the Low Carb Lifestyle - which ones have you heard?

Myths About the Low Carb Lifestyle

A Low Carb Lifestyle is Hard to Sustain

One big argument against a low carb diet is that restricting carbs cannot be maintained long term.  I would have to say that ANY eating plan is going to limit something.  If we could eat anything we wanted, in any quantity we wanted….that would be simple to maintain, right?  I personally do not see that lowering the carbohydrate intake is any harder long-term then limiting calories, sugar, etc.

Any change we make in our eating is going to require the same thing—determination to stay with our new lifestyle change! It is just as easy for someone to stick with a low carb lifestyle as it is for someone to eliminate all processed foods!  We have to WANT to do it to be successful.

You Can’t Eat Fruits and Veggies on a Low Carb Diet

This myth about the low carb lifestyle is just plain INCORRECT!  The low carb lifestyle will typically allow for the intake of 50-150 gms of carbohydrates per day depending on your plan.  Vegetables are a big part of the low carb diet.  Many people also eat fruit daily while still staying within their daily carb allotment.  Berries are very low in carbs and high in nutrients.  It is an excellent choice for a low carb eater!

A Low Carb Diet is All Butter and Steak

I crack up when I hear this myth perpetuated.  I don’t know if this was how low carbers ate back in the 70’s, but it definitely isn’t the case anymore.  Most low carb lovers eat a healthy array of low carb and low glycemic foods.  A healthy lifestyle is the most important part of any eating plan, and that can be easily attained while eating low carb.  Low carb diets can be rich in veggies, fish, chicken, turkey, nuts and more.  There are plenty of healthy whole food options for a low carb lifestyle.

I Will Be Constipated if I Eat Low Carb

A lot of people assume that constipation will be an issue if they follow a low carb diet.  Where is the fiber found if all I eat is meat?  Well…first off, a low carb diet is not just about eating meat.  It is a diet full of variety and whole foods. There is an abundance of low carb vegetables consumed in a low carb diet.  These veggies will typically provide the fiber needed in your diet.

If I “Cheat” I Will Gain All the Weight Back

Any eating plan can be affected by “cheating” and a low carb lifestyle is no different.  If a person chooses to eat high carbohydrate foods for a meal, a day or a week they may see some effects on the scale.  There is no difference between cheating on a low carb diet and any other diet plan.  When you make the decision to eat whatever you want, you have to be ready to gain some weight back.

Do You Follow a Low Carb Lifestyle?

Have you heard some of these myths about the low carb lifestyle?  Do you follow a low carb diet?  What are your favorite meals?  Don’t forget to check out my list of 50 low carb snack ideas and my tips on how to curb hunger on a low carb diet!

Considering cutting carbs? Here are the 5 biggest myths about the low carb lifestyle!


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