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6 Tips to Curb Hunger on a Low Carb Diet

It’s no fun being hungry, especially when you are eating a low carb diet. Your body needs carbs, but many of us (me included) tend to overdo the carb thing, which is why many of us are on a low carb diet at some point or another. We recognize that our bodies need some carbs, but convincing our brains and hungry tummies not to overdo it is a struggle. Since your body may still get hungry, instead of overdoing it with carbs, here are some tips on how to curb hunger on a low carb diet.

How to Curb Hunger on Low Carb Diet

How to Curb Hunger on Low Carb Diet

Drink more water

I should say, drinking more water is the key for anyone keeping hunger at bay when low carbing. Water has a way of filling you up. Drinking a few glasses of water will help tide you over until your next meal. You can always add lemon and Stevia to your water to spruce it up. Stevia does not spike your blood sugar, so you may use it to add a little sweetness if you need to. Splenda is another sweetener you may want to try.

Snack on a handful of nuts

The key to eating nuts, while on a low carb diet, is only to eat a handful. You can make a trail mix with dried fruit if you wish. Nuts are an excellent source of protein and have a nice way of filling you up whenever you’re in a snacking mood. Nuts are also easy to pack with you when on the go.

nuts can help carb hunger on low carb diet

Eat more protein in general

Low carb diets are high in protein, but if you find you’re still hungry, you may want to try increasing your protein by a serving or two. Protein shakes are a huge help when you don’t want to add more meat to your diet, but make sure you check the sugar and carb counts on protein shakes. Otherwise, a larger serving of lean protein, a handful of nuts or an egg or two may be just what you need to put your hunger to rest.

Stick to the diet

Make sure you’re not falling victim to carb creep. Carb creep happens when you become a little too “comfortable” with your low carb plan, and you no longer keep a strict count of the carbs you’re eating. The body breaks down carbs more quickly than protein, and it could explain why you’re feeling hungrier than usual. Track your carbs for a couple of days to make sure you’re not consuming too many.

exercise to curb hunger on low carb diet

Exercise more

Hungry still? If you just ate and nothing is helping, exercise. You need to get your mind off food and exercise helps this. It always amazes me how much better I feel after a workout. Exercising helps me in two ways: First, it distracts me from feeling hungry and bored, and second, it gives me the motivation to make smart choices for the rest of the day.

Eat snacks in between meals

Instead of grazing on unhealthy foods all day because you’re hungry, eat a snack in between meals. Check out our popular list of 50 low carb snack ideas! You may need to make your main meals a little smaller to account for the snacks, but eating planned meals and snacks every two or three hours is a smart way to ensure you’re staying on track instead of reaching for whatever’s available.

What tips do you have for keeping hunger at bay when low carbing?

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