Easy DIY Pilgrim Costume

Put together a DIY pilgrim costume with items you have around the house. It’s so easy!

How to pull together a diy pilgrim costume in a pinch

So, I actually had no plans to post this little costume I put together out of pure necessity. It came about because on the day that my kiddo received his info on the Thanksgiving party, hubby picked him up. He simply told me, “We need to bring a veggie tray to the Thanksgiving party.” Cool. Easy peasy! I didn’t even look at the paper. Cut to the night before the party when I saw that the kids were encouraged to dress up for their little dinner. Ooops. With a bit of scrambling and putting odd things together, we came up with a super cute pilgrim costume without spending a dime. Here’s how we did it!

Before we get started, I apologize for the photo quality. The pilgrim costume was snapped with my cell phone.

First, we painted and repurposed a hat that he wore to a recent wedding. It was a white hat with a navy ribbon. We used black tempera paint because we didn’t have acrylic on hand, but acrylic would have been much better. I made the yellow buckle for both the belt and the hat out of yellow foam sheets. Here’s the hat as it looked originally (and a silly face to go with it) …

diy pilgrim costume 2

I turned the brim down, just painted over the ribbon and hot glued the “buckle” to the front. Easy. It did take two coats of paint and probably could have used a third, but we ran out of time.

He also wore that dress shirt (from the wedding shot) under his black clothes for the white collar and sleeves.

The black clothes were just a pair of batman pajama pants pulled up to just under his knees and a plain black long-sleeved shirt. The “tights” came from a long-sleeved white shirt. I cut the sleeves off and just pulled them up on his legs like socks.

I made the belt by cutting the end off of a strap to my husband’s old tree stand. He said it was okay! I used a safety pin to pin it in the back and glued the yellow “buckle” to the front.

He didn’t have a pair of black shoes to fit, so he just wore his navy Converse shoes. Not very pilgrim-like, but no one noticed.




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