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23+ Easter Science Activities for Kids

Easter is the perfect time to introduce your kids to some fun science experiments that will make it their favorite holiday ever. With real and plastic eggs, Peeps, jelly beans and more, you can teach them about chemistry, botany, engineering and much more. What are you waiting for? Try one of these fun Easter science activities with your kiddos today!

23+ Science Experiments for Easter

paper plate parrot idea

Parrot Paper Plate Craft

This parrot paper plate craft is a fun activity to do with the kids when you’re studying rainforest animals or birds. You probably have all the materials at home ready to put this cute little project together. So, what are you waiting for? Start crafting!

Colorful Parrot Paper Plate Craft for Kids

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Robot Party Supplies Kids Will Go Nuts For

Want to throw a fantastic robot party for your little boy or girl? Perhaps you’re going for a robot-themed baby shower. What a fun idea! These robot party supplies will help you deck out your space to get everyone in on the robot fun.

These cute robot party supplies will be a big hit! Perfect for kids' birthday parties or a robot-themed baby shower.

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Watermelon Paper Plate Craft – The Surprise Garden

Now that spring has officially arrived (hooray!), the kiddo and I are enjoying the warmer weather and reading lots of books about bugs, birds, butterflies and gardening. One of our current favorites is The Surprise Garden by Zoe Hall. The pictures are so vibrant and colorful, and the text is short and sweet to keep little ones interested. We created a fun watermelon paper plate craft to go along with the book because, in the end, they enjoyed the spoils of their labor with a fun garden party with all their fruits and veggies.

This is one of the easiest summer paper plate crafts you’ll find. Kids will love it!

This watermelon paper plate craft is a fun project for summer! Pair it with a book (we recommend The Surprise Garden) for extra fun.

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DIY Superhero Party Invitation with BeFunky

Thank you to BeFunky for sponsoring today’s post!

Nearly every year, I make our son’s birthday party invitations. I only mail a few out (to the grandparents, for example), and I send the others digitally via Facebook or email. I also post one to the Facebook event for the party and put one in his digital scrapbook for that year, so I want the invitations to look cute.

And now that he’s going through his superhero phase, making his invitations is a whole lot easier with BeFunky’s photo to cartoon effects. They’re perfect for turning photos of your kid in his/her superhero costumes into fun art for the invitations!

For today, we’re going to use this photo of Ben in his Captain America costume. Just look at that cute smile and crazy hair!

captain america

Now let’s upload the photo. Note that you’ll need a BeFunky Plus account ($4.95/month or $2.91/month if you sign up for an annual account) to save the effects to your photos, but you can preview the effects for free. Click on the screenshots below if you need to see larger versions.

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